Aren't we all silent today?

We're always squabbling, looking for someone to undermine. Tease, maybe, but then again, it's the feeling of sadism that brings up our self-esteems. Condescending comments, we like things that way, don't we?

One man for himself, they say. One woman for herself. Ten women for oneself. We like crude jokes. Giggles, over some stupid joke a boy makes. Breaths sucked in if another laughs. He's mine. One for myself, him for myself.

We've all got our own beats. Our energies trying to cancel everyone else's out. Pause and conserve? You'll be left behind. Dominate or be dominated. Our last breaths for power, stop being superficial. Our bodies have no worth. We'll set our priorities so that we're on top, there's no need to look out for others, they'll look out for me. If I was a position in the universe, I'd like to be centre. I want people to know me. Me, not you.

Hypocrites. They call us 'hypocrites,' we call them, 'hypocrites.' You're intellectually challenged. We're not. You're irrational. We're not. You're superficial. We're not. Yes, we're hypocrites, but so are you. Ever thought of that one? You're almost nothing to me. Make one wrong move and you're dirt to us. Can't you grow up? I'll look past your shoulders for some better to talk to. Someone who's intellectual. Rational. Profound.

Nobody cares. Honest to God, nobody cares.

We're all silent today. We all have better things to do, greater people to look up to, lives to live without me.

It's okay.

I'm breathing. I'm finally breathing.