Chocolate Avalanche

After a long day out of the house, my mom took my sisters and me to Superstore for milk, vegetables and other supplies I considered unnecessary. One thing on our shopping list was chocolate chips, for my sisters and I were planning to make holiday cookies and thought we could use some for decoration. As our mom went off to get some produce, she allowed us to get the chocolate chips ourselves and take as much as we needed.

The delicious chocolate morsels were located on a higher drawer in a large, easy to use dispenser. A knob was supposed to be turned, and then by gravity, the goodies would fall into your bag.

One of my sisters and I meddled with that machine for minutes (my other sister was too short to reach it).

"How do we open this thing?" I whispered, feeling the red rush to my cheeks. I was one who got embarrassed easily, and messed up under the pressure. My sister who was helping me thrust the bag under the hole, in hopes that the chocolate chips would magically fall into the bag. They did not.

I then observed the knob carefully and came up with a sudden idea that I considered to be supremely intelligent.

"Put the bag here!" I commanded with excitement. Perhaps this would be a moment I would do something right! My sister followed my command. Quickly, I turned the knob with the bag on it, and the chocolate chips began to fall out of the hole – in the place my sister had originally placed the bag!

Chocolates were pouring like hail on a rainy day onto the floor. My sister quickly turned the knob bag to close the hole. Mortally embarrassed, I looked around. The floor was covered in chocolate chips. Thus spurred the heart of a kind woman who walked over to teach us the simple art of turning a knob to receive chocolate chips. My sisters and I filled the bag half-full and ran out to meet our mother.