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Chapter Eight: The Final Showdown?

It was dark when they arrived. The only clue that there was a lighthouse in the fog at all was the light from it, guiding ships for decades safely to shore. In this case, however, death seemed more likely; they had to take a side boat from Sid's ship to get to the lighthouse. The fog was unforgiving; thick as pea soup. Once they arrived, Segihara tied the boat to one of the rocks so they would have a way of escaping.

They climbed on the deathly sharp rocks of Executioner's Rock, and examined their new surroundings. Samuel saw a figure ahead of them, though he wasn't sure if it was man or ghost. Either way, it gave him chills, as the unknown always did.

A moment of silence was given to respect the dead - it was a crucial ritual around these parts. "Look!" Samuel cried, pointing to the figure, wondering if it would vanish and become part of the fog, or if they had real trouble on their hands?

"Finder's keepers," The voice called back to them, to which Sid replied.

"Finder's keepers, nothin'!"

Anthony walked forward, his step quick as his draw, aiming the pistol at his older brother. He fired without warning, and the gunshot was lost to the fog. As the gun powder cleared, Anthony was disappointed when Sid was still standing; he could hardly believe it himself. "What the fuck?" Sid demanded, looking down at his feet, there was his answer.

"Segihara!" He yelled, as Segihara groaned in agony, flesh pierced by the silver bullet.

"Segihara!" Samuel cried, horrified that he would do such a noble thing. Kneeling at his side, Samuel stared, terror filling his eyes. "You're an idiot!" He proclaimed, shaking him by the shoulders.

Segihara coughed and smiled. "I'm fine, just a flesh wound." Famous last words.

"That bullet was not meant for you!" Anthony said, upset. "Why would you do such a thing?"

Segihara smiled, regret seeped from the smile lines on his face, and through the pores in his skin.

The damage in his past had been done, but perhaps he could save these two for committing a regrettable sin.

"He is your only family," Segihara said with a soft smile, "one with no family is just a wanderer, you hate him now, but you will see eye to eye later," he finished. Samuel pressed a hand on the wound.

"Do something!" He demanded. "This is your fault!" his hands became bloodied, they were now tainted. "Don't just stand there!"

Anthony knew of only one way to save him. Anthony mused. "We will have to wait, until night fall." Sid grinned.

"So I see you got what you bargained for." Anthony ignored Sid; now was not the time for such conversations, especially when answers were so clearly given.

"Move." Samuel fell back as Anthony took his place at Segihara's side. "Take off your shirt," He demanded Segihara, who looked skeptical. "Do it."

There was no time to be wasted here, if Segihara were to live. "We have to stop the bleeding."

He looked through his coat as Segihara removed his princely attire. Shedding off layers of bloodied clothing, Anthony was looking for a device like tweezers.

"Here," Sid said, handing his brother such an apparatus. "Unprepared bloak," he scorned. Anthony snatched the apparatus from his brother, Anthony examined the wound and pushed Segihara back on the sharp rocks.

"I'm sorry Anthony," Segihara muttered. Anthony looked at him only for a moment, extracting the bullet perhaps less careful than he should have been.

"No you're not," he corrected. Segihara grunted in agony, gushing blood seeped from his innards, and fell to the rock to add to its already dark past.

Anthony smacked Segihara in the head. "I should let you die." Though, his doctor like actions assured Segihara that he wouldn't, though it didn't mean that Segihara wasn't going to push his buttons.

"Then why don't you?" He asked.

"Shut up." Anthony did a patch work job, tearing up Segihara's white shirt and using it as a make shift bandage. "Pray you make it until night fall," he said. "Pray to God."

Anthony stood, after dipping his hands in the salty sea water washing the blood away. "There's something I found here." He said.

"I guess since I didn't kill you successfully, I will give you yours." he said, pulling away from the high tide, and walked over to where he was standing when they got there, he picked up two guns from the ground and walked back to his older brother.

"This one has your name in it, anyway." He shrugged, and handed his brother, a double barrel flintlock shot gun, with a steam component, which made it, if desired more like a machine gun.

The flintlock shot gun was engraved artfully on the steel, had an attached bayonet, and was one of the only two double barrel flintlock shotgun's with a steam component on the planet.

"So you found it, aye?" Sid examined the fine piece of work, Anthony shrugged as Sid triggered the Bayonet, where it rested his name was inlayed in gold.

"Something like that." He pulled out of his pocket, a piece of vellum, which is older than paper.

"A note from Captain Patrick Fitz Patrick." He said and everyone seemed surprised, though why bother? The guns were real, why not a note? Anthony read the note out loud.

"Which ever one of you dumb as door knob pirates, finds this, give the other one to your brother, if I find out from beyond the grave you hocked this for a fine quarter, best know I'll come knockin'. Ren wont have it either. These will help you, your swine ass will need them to find the real treasure, didn't think it would be this easy, would you?- Captain Patrick Fitz Patrick of the Blue Lady."

Sid grinned, "Well, Looks like we've got some treasure huntin' to do still." With the gun slung over his shoulder, he was ready for anything, it seems these two pirates were forced to work together, if they wanted to find the greatest treasure of all time.

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