So we blaze through another year

And our struggles, parallel,

In turn define us and oppress us.

We live under the same banner of pain

Destined by the blueprint that shaped our neurons

That made our minds

That made us what we are.

So clearly I remember the way you said,

My daughter, it will always be so for people like us

Dreamers all entwined in emotion

Spinning momentous and entangled in the years

Making clarity elusive

And simplicity a mythological feat.

But don't forget what you also said

About living in between the cracks-

You made me believe that for equal parts pain

There are equal parts love

Equal parts joy.

Never forget what you have created in me

My dogged commitment to luminosity,

The spark in me that you lit,

Something kept burning through the years.

What you helped to shape was joy, real and bright

And I am beautiful in its glow

And I am content

And my greatest solace is to see myself, shining, in your eyes.