The Birthday Wish

I'm Cassadie. I live in Brooklyn. I am 13 years old and I want to find a guy I will be with for the rest of my life. I know this seems like a young age, but my friends are pressuring me to get a guy. I want it to end. There are four ways for it to end: they "fall" off a cliff, drown in a lake, I don't get a guy and suffer for eternity, or I do get a guy and live happily ever after. I would like to go with the drowning, but I don't want to be on the FBI's most wanted list. So I either find a guy, or don't. All I want for my birthday is to find the perfect guy!

I was walking down the school hall when Gracie, (I've known her since kindergarten),

caught up to me. "Trip. Jamaica. A week. Hot guys! Come!" She said in between breaths.

"Calm down, ok? Just relax. Breath in, breath out." I said as I moved my hands up and down. "Now, repeat that." She took in another deep breath.

"My family is going on a trip to Jamaica and we want you to come!" My face lit up. "I looked at the brochure and there were hot guys EVERYWHERE! It's a week long. We fly there. And guess: coach or first class?"

I squealed. "First class?!" She laughed. I gave her a confused look.

"NO! Of course not! I mean, come on. Me, mom, dad, and Danny. Plus you equals Ka-Ching, in a bad way."

Then it hit me. "Danny's coming?!"

"Yeah, he's my brother."

"Yeah…" I started to blush, but you can't really notice it because of my dark skin, but Gracie could.

"Cassie's got a crush—Cassie's got a crush on my brother!" Gracie teased. "Thanks," I rolled my eyes, "Besides, he's like, 15, and I'm 13. He's a sophomore, and I'm…" I looked around the small school, "in middle school."

"An eighth grader—next year, you will be in high school!"

"Next year I'll be a freshman, my sister will be a senior, and she swore to make my life miserable."

"But she'll keep it to a minimum!"

"That won't stop her from ruining my love life, soon to be or never to be."

"Your depression is sounattractive." She turned around and walked away.

"FINE! I'll go on the stupid trip!" I yelled at her.

She turned around and grinned, "My house, 8:00 sharp, be there!" I sighed. What have I done? Being in the same place as Danny for a week? I smiled, that might not be so bad. I laughed to myself.

"So it'll be on my birthday?" I asked, jumping on Gracie's bed.

"Mhm! Maybe you'll get kissed by your soon to be!" I jumped to a sitting position on the bed and sighed,

"Will you shut up about that? Just because you have a boyfriend, doesn't mean I HAVE to have one too!"

"Yeah, sure, fine, whatever." Gracie said dully.

I scoffed and gave her a surprised look.

"What now drama queen?"

"Never mind." I turned on her television.

"Change it to "Fear Factor"." Gracie said while reading a fashion magazine.

"Hell no! That show gives me the creeps! I've had nightmares about it!"

Gracie gave me a weird look. I gave her a, "yeah, sorry" look. Then she gave me a puppy dog face. Thank God she sucks at it. "No, and that is my final answer."

"Gosh mom, you seem awfully grumpy today." She pouted. I smiled, feeling pride in myself.

"So when is it?" I said while picking up some hot chocolate to drink.

"Next week." She said while flipping the page of the magazine. I spit all of my chocolate milk out in surprise. Gracie looked at the mess I made of the floor. Her mouth flew open. "Look at what you've done!" She yelled. She immediately jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. Seconds later she ran back with 409 and a rag. (She has a small house.) She bent down and sprayed the 409. As she was letting it fizz, she looked up at me. "What is wrong with you?" She questioned.

"I 'm just….. surprised. It's, like, 3 days from now! How am I gonna get ready for that?!"

"Me and mom are gonna go shopping tomorrow, you will come with us." She started to rub the 409 in the rug.

"Mom and I," I corrected. She rolled her eyes.

We heard the door open. "Gracie? Cassie?" Gracie's mom, (Mrs. River) said.

"We're alive!" Gracie answered as she put the cleaning supplies away and jumped on the bed to resume reading her magazine. I heard her mom laugh downstairs. "Can Cassie sleepover? We have all her stuff!" Gracie said. I looked at her weird. She shrugged.

"Ok!" Her mom answered.

"You don't have my stuff." I pointed out. Gracie jumped down under the bed, and pulled out a suitcase of MY clothes. I was appalled.

"You left a lot of clothes here from the past year."

"Can I still fit them?" I feel very self-conscious about my weight and think I'm growing every second.

"Are you still a size this size?" She showed me the tag of a random shirt. It was me size. I shook my head. "Ok then, you're alright!"

I ran inside the mall, greeted by Mrs. River and Gracie. We planned to go to Forever 21 and Hot Topic. In Forever 21, I saw the perfect tank top; it was navy blue, with and golden outline. I needed it. "Sweetie, don't you think that's a little too inappropriate?" Mrs. River asked. I looked at her like she had 3 heads.

"No, do you Gracie?" She shook her head. I turned to Mrs. River. With my best puppy dog face, I said, "Please? It's what I really want!" She looked defeated and that's how I knew, I won. I picked out all of my clothes, and we left, knowing we were gonna meet tomorrow to leave.

I was at the humongous airport near my town I was so nervous. I was going to Jamaica! I waited in line with Gracie and her family. I was right next to Danny! He smelled like chocolate and vanilla. With a manly scent of course! I glanced at him from the side of my eye. Turns out he was doing the same thing to me. I looked away. Nervous, I turned to Gracie to start conversation. But, she wasn't there, I looked behind me to see her flirting with the guy behind us, he didn't look interested. I yanked her arm. She turned to me. "Gotta go!" She came over. "What. Are. You. Doing?!" She said angrily.

"1, you have a boyfriend. 2, He doesn't seem interested!" I whispered furiously. She gave me a pouty face; she slightly turned her head and looked at the guy she was flirting with. She turned back to me.

"He seems to be interested in you though!" She whispered.

"What?!" I turned around and he looked away. She slapped my arm.

"You don't do that! It scares them away!" She whispered. I shrugged.

"It's a habit."

I ended up sitting next to Danny on the plane! There were several empty spots in front of us; the rest of the family was up front. "Hey Cassie" He said.

"Hi." I answered shyly.

"What's up?" he asked. I shrugged.

"Nothing really." Then we somehow started talking about football and it felt like we talked for hours. My mouth started to feel dry but I didn't care. At the end, he started to lean closer, and closer, and closer, until we were a centimeter away. It was a weird approach, but I didn't care. I closed my eyes, and his warm breath touched my nose, cheeks, lips….

"We have now landed in Kingston, Jamaica! Have a great time!" I sighed, SO CLOSE!

"Um….." Gracie said as she approached us, with a frightened look on her face because of me and Danny's position. We immediately pulled away. "Cassie, can I talk to you?" She pulled my arm and lured me away from my almost kiss. "So did you kiss?!" She said excitedly.

"No, the intercom interrupted us." I looked down.

"It's ok. His room is next to ours. There's a door that the in the middle, he could come in….."

"Shut up." I said with a grin on my face.

We got off the plane. I looked through the big windows to see nightfall in Jamaica. It was breathtaking. The trees looked depressed, quiet, and lonely. The ocean was calm and soothing. The air smelled like outside, but better. It's unexplainable. It was definitely better then I expected it to be. I felt a hand covering mine. Danny. He smiled at me with his gorgeous sky blue eyes and devilishly dark brown hair with several of his freckles. We walked out the airport, together. Everyone was ahead of us, except for Gracie, who was giggling behind us. But, I didn't care.

Our room was humongous. It had tan walls with red and gold outlines, and a red floor. The furniture was snow white. Gracie and I threw our stuff on the beds. Then Danny walked in. "I have to go powder my nose." Gracie said. I looked at her like she was crazy. She winked at me then left. He walked up to me.

"We never got to finish what we started on the plane." He said. I nodded. He lifted me chin, (he's taller than I am,) and kissed me. His made me feel warm, like I was sitting next to the fireplace, but I was warm in the inside. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist. His tongue cooled down my mouth, and it wasn't sticky and wet like I thought it would be. We stayed like that for what felt like forever when Gracie knocked on the door.

"Are you done in there yet?" She said. I was starting to feel frustrated with her. We broke apart. I straightened out my shirt and Danny fixed his hair.

"Yeah." We both answered. She walked in.

"Danny, leave." She ordered.

"Bye Cassie." He said as he left.

"Bye" I said back. When he shut the door, Gracie squealed.

"So how was it?" She said as she sat on her bed.

"Amazing." I fell into the bed.

"Now that you're with my brother, we'll really be sisters!"

"We're not married and we'll be sisters by law." I said.

"Who cares?" She said. I turned off the lamp and went under the covers.

"See you on my birthday."

"You mean tomorrow?"


"Don't you want to change?" There was a silence.

"Not really."

The next day, we went to the beach. To my surprise, (not really,) The River's brought a birthday cake with my name on it. They sang "Happy Birthday" as I blushed and hid my face when people stared. When Mr. and Mrs. River went to an adults place and Gracie had to go to the bathroom. (Yeah, I'm sure she did.) Danny and I were left alone. (Besides every other family at the beach.) We moved close to each other. Our fingers touched. You know what the best part was? We're in our swimsuits! So Danny is shirtless. He's like a white version of Taylor Lautner. But better. "Do you want to continue what we were continuing last night?" He asked. I nodded. We were moving in when something was blocking the sun, and it wasn't an eclipse.

"Hello. I'm John. I'm the lifeguard here."

"Yes?" I asked annoyed.

"I'm sorry to say we can't allow public display of affection here."

"Why not?" I said.

"Little children." He pointed towards the little kids playing with a beach ball.

"But it's just kissing!" I said angrily.

"But it sometimes leads to something else.' He said with serious eyes. I noticed they were kind of teal, it went with his light brown hair.

"What-" I stopped myself. I knew what he meant.

'Now have a nice day." He said with a smile. He had an Australian accent. After he left, I noticed he was the guy Gracie was flirting with. How'd he become a lifeguard so fast?

"So what do we do now?" I asked Danny.

He shrugged. "Swim, that's what people do in the ocean right?"

"Right." I said. Gracie finally came over. She was carrying all types of stuff we could use in the water.

"I thought you were in the bathroom." Danny asked her. She shrugged.

"I lied."

So we all went inside the water, to play. I felt like a little kid again. Until, I hit my head and everything went black I felt arms surround me. It didn't feel like Danny's. There was shouting all around. I was put down on something hard, like a table. And I felt a mouth touch mine, it also wasn't Danny's. But it felt way better. I felt air being breathed in. And force being pushed on my chest. I coughed up water, and then opened my eyes just a little, like a squint. It was John. Only John. He's never looked so attractive before. When he went to breath in more air, my arms swung around his neck. He didn't push away. He wrapped his arms around me.