Traitor. Im a traitor to my family and to the world. You may ask how a simple tan skinned seventeen year old girl with boring brown eyes could be a traitor. Heh if only you knew. Its not even my fault. Traitor. No I swear I didn't join them on purpose! Blood traitor. NO! My parents did this to me, they broke the laws and had me. Please leave me alone!

I awoke in a cold sweat again. I burried my head in my hands blocking out the sight of swirling dust and too much light. heh. I sound like a vampire right? A discusting immortal thing that feasts off blood of humans and sex! Oh wait I'm ranting and you would be wrong sorry try again. No im much more complicated than that. I am something that nobody has ever seen before, or lived to talk about. I am half of a leech half of a dog. Sad isnt it? the way I talk about my parents. Well fuck them! I didnt ask to be born, to be made an outcas,t to be hunted and threatned since I was born. I wimpered at the smell of blood, my own distractinng me from my rampage. I noted my stiches in my shoulder had ripped, and...and... I wasn't alone. I let a growl rip through my throat, something devastating to any passing human. Unfortunately I lived with them.

" Shit Tash, its just me!" like that was going to help me, Andrew this early in the morning was nowhere near my cup of tea. I smirked and opened my eyes, Andrew was tall blue eyes dirty blonde hair runners body. My favorite human which was saying alot. "Be thankful for him you filthy undeveloped creatures of destruction!" I thought.

"You shouldnt be in here then. You know im not a morning person." I grumbled as I stood from my king sized bed streaching my small 5'2 body. I sighed and raised my eyebrows at Andrew,the weapons specialist, who was staring at me.

" Nick wants you in his office pronto." Andrew said hurriedly. I nodded in thanks and ghosted to my closet pulling out tight jeans and a button up shirt. I changed deciding to shower later and ghosted to Nick's office reffusing to piss him off more. I rapped gently and he was pissed I could smell it. Yay mom thanks for the rediculous sence of smelling emotions.

"Enter." Nick's gruff voice called from the other side of the dark oak door. I swallowed and sighed. See Nick isn't exactly human... he was bitten by a werewolf, my mother's brother actually and he is really scarry when angry, hence the reason I glued my eyes to the pale marble floors as I walked into his office. His scent reminded me of the woods, of the evergreen trees and the cool spring waters by my home. Which pushed thoughts of that night into my head, which I shoved out going into lock down mode. 'Not the time to be on memory lane!'

"You have a new job." Nick said through gritted teeth. I didnt risk glancing up at him but i guessed he was wearing a black tight cotton t-shirt and dark fading jeans.

"You are to attend Cascadia Private academy, and hunt down the Amara family." I winced at the words private and attend. I really hated school, I mean come on I was 156 years old for crying outloud. But it was the hunting that made me interested. I lifted my head at that.

"The Amara family is rumored to be a key player in the massacre of your family, they are also involved with the fey in that area. Your job is to find them, and bond with them do whatever it is that you have to to find out what it is they are doing with the fey in that area. If you recieve conformation that they are planning another assault on humans or peaceful vampires then I will hear about it and give you the all clear to destroy them. But not before. Am I understood Natasha Rei Eastman?" I nodded slowly a terrible grin spreading accross my face- eventhough I hated him for using my whole name- as i thought about the bones crunching and ripping their boddies to pieces... of course Nick dragged me from that amazing image.

" Natasha, quit drooling! Go the the infirmary have your arm stitched again and meet Xavier in the foryer he will take you to the airport, from there you will go to your new housing assignment. Dissmissed."I thanked him and left the room quickly trying to be anywhere but his office it reminded me to much of home. To much of the pain of the loss of my parents. I walked through brightly lit halls ssmelling humans and their scents not looking for any imparticular as I dragged myself to the infirmary on the third floor of Nick's rather large mansion. I heard the sound of guns going off down the hall, apparently someone found a use for the armory, i was rarely in that room but then again I was lethal against any adversary I had the speed of an ancient vampire and the hunting skills of a werewolf. Go parents.

I hesitated infront of the door labled Infirmary, I should have healed already...what the fuck was wrong with me? I burst through the doors and found Jack sitting at his desk filling out a few papers, I was panicking and my hands were shaking. Jack lifted his green eyes to mine and saw the worry, he set me down on a cold examination table and I all but ripped my shirt off I nedded to know what was going on. Thankfully the were didnt take long he sniffed the air around me and laughed. I growled at him a dangerous sound in my throat.

"Woah there chill Tash, its just that your hungry first of all and second of all in heat. Your were isn't beign cooperative, and won't be until you either get laid or take this." Jack held a small black vial in his huge hands. I popped open the cap and dry swallowed the pill.

"oh." I said feeling very small and really stupid. I had neglected feeding on anything until I was done with my most recent hit on a clan of stupid vampires, which I'll admit, was rediculously stupid. But I had completely forgotten about the Heat cycles wasn't I supposed to be some sex craves hussy right about now? Maybe not considering I was only half... I tore myself out of my thoughts and thanked Jack softly.

"Just don't freak out next time the full moon rolls around alright?" Jack said softly as he walked back to his desk. I smilled and thanked him again as I left to start packing, completely dreading my assignment because I had a gut feeling it so wasn't going to go right.

Right so this is my first story thing lol. I know its short but hey it came to me out of nothing so please help me out and tell me what you think so far and I'll go from there :D