Natasha P.O.V

My dreams were plagued with nightmares of me drowning in the blood I had shed over the years. I was covered in it, as the fey did their rituals and I was left to suffer alone in a cold dark concrete room, with the faces of my victims swimming before my eyes. I pulled back from such sights and found I was naked in a heap on the forest floor, by the smell of which was behind Daemion's home. I turned onto my back exposing my body to the moon and waited for the change. It was slow and no longer agonizing as it had been years ago when I started it. I felt my spine change first, the tendons snapping and breaking then the bones of my ribcage then my arms and then my legs. Each snapped and changed in turn until I was a wolf lying on my side. Black fur and brown paws, I smelled the air around me and found that my mate was near. I figured calling him my mate wouldn't hurt if I was in wolf form, he wasn't my Beta but the same as me so I called him the only thing that meant equal to us .

My eyes scanned the woods that surrounded me until I smelled deer and was distracted by it and the hunt. Food, stalking it, finding it, the kill, go for the neck, BIRD, roots don't trip. Focus now, low to the ground now, stop breathing and find it. Left, no. Right…yes there in the meadow feeding on the seeds. Mmmm. I moved like a ghost through the shadows, I left the animals alone and the shadows gave me passage. I was within range, and I hunkered down waiting for the right moment to strike. I heard the birds go soft, then the deer looked up for just a second and I sprung then the buck ran. It gave me satisfaction to chase him through the woods and brush to stretch muscles I hadn't used before.

I was panting as I pinned and then killed the buck, ripping the poor beast to shreds and devoured all I could. I heard foot steps behind me and I turned snarling before the scent registered in my head. I had pinned him and was growling nobody interrupts a wolf while feeding it was absolute stupidity. I realized it was only Daemion that had snuck up on me and I got off of him growled a little and then nudged him with my nose, to show him it was alright. The fading silver in his eyes and the growing of his pupils showed he was preparing to fight me so I backed off.

"We need to be getting back Natasha. Nick said he was going to call and I have a feeling if you missed that call he would be upset with you."

I whined in annoyance, if I turned back now I would be in less pain in the morning but I would also be stark naked. Besides I wanted to play, I wanted to hunt. I sniffed the night air again and stopped something different taking over my senses. He was annoyed and upset, and being his mate I had a reason, well an obligation to make him feel better. I sighed and began trotting through the forest anyway, I decided that I would change back once I was in our room and it was warm enough so that I wouldn't freeze being naked. The sounds of the forest were loud and it was easy to see why so many of my brothers went insane. Thankfully the thing that held me to the world of humanity was no more than 5 feet in front of me.

The house was warm and dimly lit when we entered through the back. It was crawling with vampires as usual, and as usual as soon as I walked into the house my hackles rose and I was on full alert. I wanted nothing to do with the leeches and it wasn't until Daemion ran a hand through my fur and my back arched to meet his hand. He smirked and pulled back, as we went up the stairs to his room, once in seclusion I trotted into the bathroom and changed back quickly, leaving me a naked human standing in front of his mirror. The wolf of me was sedated, and calm at peace if you will, but the vampire part of me wanted nothing more than to open the door and have sex with the vampire that lay beyond it. But I had to restrain myself, so I settled with a shower that was hot enough to turn my tan skin red with the heat, and then I changed into sweats and a black tank top.

When I opened the door I found Daemion in bed already reading a rather large novel written in a language I didn't understand, without a shirt on and his sweats were dangerously low on his hips. I groaned inwardly and he sensed the frustration, and then raised a dark eyebrow at me, a question in his eyes. I shook my head telling him I was fine and he nodded, but put down his book anyway.

"Did you rush changing back? Are you hurt?" his eyes roamed over my body in a very possessive way that made me want to fall at his knees and beg to get laid.

I swallowed hard and replied, "Yes, I rushed it but only because you told me about Nick's call, and I am fine."

"Why are you all tense then? Come here Natasha." I groaned out loud this time and walked over to him. I stared down at my feet and then accidentally at the low rise of his sweats, and he tilted my head up to meet his eyes.

"I swear that you will have more time in your wolf form when we get the jobs from Nick, but right now, if the fey find out you are here they may want to kill us all and I refuse to put my family in danger. You understand right?"

No shit I understood, it was the reason I was chosen to be the next alpha and not my brother when we were little and our family was still in tact. I always put everyone before myself, and never though about compromising the safety of my family. He locked me in a closet when the announcement was made. I shook off the depressing thoughts, and nodded.

"You want a massage or something? You still look really tense." he asked taking my wrist in his large gentle hands. I resisted the urge to fall over, and shook my head no. I crawled over him and curled up on my side of the bed and tried to fall asleep. But his soft breathing next to me, as he sank under the blankets and his warm hands on my skin made me more awake than ever.

"Then allow me to hold you until you fall asleep. You always sleep better in my arms Natasha." his voice whispered in my ear. I shuddered as he ran long warm fingers up my thigh. I groaned and turned into his cheast that was at my back, and said darkly,

"Be careful Daemion, for you know not what you toy with." He smiled me in the dark and sent

But I know exactly what I want to do to you right now, and I know exactly what your body wants me to do to you. Now, would you like to sleep, or what?

I sighed and mumbled, "Sleep. We can define what we are later." I snuggled into his cheast and he rolled onto his back taking me with him so that I held one of his legs between my own, and pillowed my head on his shoulder. I sighed, and he laughed gently. I was succumbing to sleep quickly and I could have sworn that he whispered, "I love you, and I will wait for you."

I smiled as I fell into silence.

Morning again, and I found myself tangled in the blankets and my favorite vampire. I laughed a little as he stirred beneath me, and mumbled a good morning into the top of my head. I nodded and he chuckled,

"What do you want to do today Tasha, considering its Saturday?"

Hmm what kind of question is that anyway? Is that like an invitation to a date or something?

"Sleep now. Figure out what the courts want in like three hours." I mumbled

He laughed and sat up anyway, and I bit him as I bent backwards and knelt on his knee, which he lifted and I responded growling. My mouth flooded with saliva and on instinct alone I wanted to bite him, almost needed it.

"I need to feed, I think." he said gently. I snorted and he growled in response and pinned me to the bed. His silver eyes were hard with something I was missing, and he held me solidly underneath him.

"Would you rather I fed from you?" he hissed, I bared my neck in response and he just kissed my neck, long and slow.

"It would probably kill you Natasha. I would rather not try." I growled at him and pulled his hair.

"I'm only half, and if you don't bite me I'm going to loose it. I need you…" then the door opened and all the shit hit the fan.

"GET OUT!" Daemion roared and he crouched over me protecting me from something, what exactly I couldn't see and the door closed. He continued growling and said, "Away from the door Lisa!"

When he was satisfied he got off of me until I pulled him back to lie with me. He sighed and so did I, "I refuse to hurt you Nahai."

I shrugged, "You couldn't hurt me if you tried."

"If I tried you wouldn't be alive." Came his response.

"Well then lets hope you don't have to try." I said gently.

"If you loose your sanity would you want me to end this for you?" he asked, silver eyes glinting in the sunlight as he laid next to me.

I thought about his question and tossed it around in my head, "For that to work you would have to follow me to the ends of the earth and back you realize."

He nodded and kissed me, it was a slow earth moving thing that left me breathless and positive that he was my mate.

"Until the end of eternity Natasha.""I think we have our answer. So you want to take me to my home and see what the clans did to me? Or would you rather keep me here in isolation?"

"I need to get you out of this house love. My family would rather not have the fey snooping around. I have a house in the Mountains of Astra, we will go there, its deep in neutral lands nobody can touch you there."

"I can't leave Marie here alone Daemion I need to finish this. I need to see Anis."

"Who is Anis?" he asked moving off of me.

"A fey that I met a long time ago. I plan on sealing Marie's property from the fey permanently so that I can move back there. You can come if you wish, but I am also going to ask Nick and his pack to move into the area. There are pups that are being taken from him and I would rather not have to hear him mourn that any longer."

"I will discuss it with my family but we can go see Anis whenever you like."

"Nick needs to come within two days of me seeing her and leaving her lands. You should probably get their answer now, while I have someone move my stuff back."

"Come shower with me then." he said gently.

I laughed and replied, "No. I have to make a phone call, you shower."

Daemion groaned and then tossed me my phone from the bedside table. I then remembered that to contact Anis I would have to be outside. I groaned and then fell back into bed reveling in the feel of Daemion's bed. I was about ready to fall asleep again when his bathroom door opened. Daemion had on boxers as he climbed on top of me and asked,

"Why are you not on the phone and changed love?" He nuzzled my neck and then I sighed, and replied,

"I'm going to when you get off of me."

I watched as he smirked and asked, "Why were you falling asleep then?"

"Because it's comfortable here, I like being here. I like being with you."

He smiled and picked me up off of the bed and set me down on the floor gently, and ran his hands up my tank top and pulled it off of me, leaving me topless as he pulled me against him.

"Is this okay? Can I handle you like this?" He asked between kisses down my neck to my collarbone.

I took in a shaky breath as he stopped gently removing his mouth from my skin. I shook gently and he smiled.

"Is that a yes?" he smoldered, and I sighed as he licked my neck.

"Yes. You can do whatever you like, but I really need to get ready so I can meet Anis like now."

I laughed as he nipped at my ear, and continued, "Besides you need to feed. Go do that and ill get ready and then we can leave in ten."

He nodded and kissed me, adding to the fact that I also needed to feed. I hissed gently as he pulled away and shifted slightly.

"I'll get you something also considering you need it." he smiled gently.

I went and showered and pulled on my jeans and dark t shirt. I sighed and found Daemion waiting for me on his bed.

"So what is going to happen when we meet this woman?" Daemion asked concern written on his face.

"I don't know, but I do know that she can help us. Or at least me, you I don't think she has a cure for your insanity." I said quietly I was worried about him.

"Are you calling me a fool for being in love with you?" Daemion said gently, laughing as he did so.

"Yes I am, I really am. It doesn't make sense Daemion. But whatever." I said.

"Whatever what Natasha? I need you to say it, or this isn't going to work." He smirked.

"What isn't going to work? Us? No shit we aren't going to work, I'm not supposed to be alive remember. Hell my mother killed your mate. Why do you want me?" I nearly yelled.

Daemion sighed and fell back onto his bed he stared at the ceiling for a moment and then sat up and took me with him.

"You need to understand that I am in love with you because of who you are, not what you are nor who killed whom. I want you because you are my mate. I am your pack. It is irrational but I don't care anymore, you make me feel good. Is that enough for you?" He was passionate and I thought it was funny. But I nodded anyway and leaned over and kissed gently.

"I do love you Daemon, but I'm just afraid of what your family…"

"Stop darling. My family doesn't care they just want me to be happy and I am happy with you. So you have nothing to be afraid of." Daemion said gently and pulled me closer to him cradling me against him. I sighed and he laughed gently.

"My mother told me that your pack can move here if they wish as long as the fey agree to leave your family alone. I am going to be moving into an house near the school, smaller than this but not far from Nick's new home, so you can visit me whenever you like." Daemion suggested as he pulled me up from the bed.

"Daemion, you obviously don't understand. Once we formed our bond, Nick can't take me back. I can't be in his home unless invited by him, I can't live with him. I will live with you."

Daemion smiled as I explained it to him, "Oh, are you okay with that then Natasha?"

I nodded and kissed him quickly, my hunger flaring up again.

"God." I hissed and pulled away from him he handed me the cup filled with blood and I drank it quickly.

"Thank you." I said gently and Daemion smiled at me once again.

"What you fool?" I asked confused. He nodded down towards my exposed cheast and I growled at him. He laughed again and I threw on a sport bra and then a t-shirt and jeans, along with a pair of ratty tennis shoes I had a feeling we were going to be outside a lot in the coming hours. When I stood up thankfully Daemion had put clothes on in nearly the same way that I had and we were ready to go.

I took a deep breath and let him lead me out of the sanctuary that was his room.

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