I find inspiration from many things; the newest inspiration for my poetry is actress/poet Amber Tamblyn. I think I'll share some poetry with you

Rated M for language, and maybe a hidden reference. If you can find it.

Reality of the Situation

Hash browns
and a side of toast.

Hash browns, a side of toast,
and maybe some marmalade
if it's orange.

Last week-I thought about it.
I thought about how someone
as blind, and as forgetful as you could even try
to comprehend

I get it. You're 29 pushing 47
and your life currently sucks more than
you take into your mouth on a
daily basis.

I'm 18 and frankly don't give a fuck.
But that doesn't stop you from
being you. And it, sure as hell,
won't stop me from being me.

There are points in the day;
where I wish to the Cosmos I could
punch you in the face.
Figuratively speaking, of course.

I hear your reckless abandonment.
But I hear most of how you just
gave up your standards.

That to me is weak.