I thought about what everyone thinks about when writing poetry/lyrics: Love

Rated M for some cereal situations

The Sex was that Bad

I sit at my laptop;
I'm drinking a glass of ginger ale.
The bottle was too big to carry; I poured
myself a glass.

Was it because I never cried, or
that every time you saw me-you
died a little inside.

I pull up the pictures of us saved
on my hard drive; they look like amateur
porn. I consider filing a lawsuit.

But my morality got the better
of me; knowing I wanted it. Knowing
I wanted simple things like your
touch. Things like kisses at sunset,
or hand holding on the beach.

I realized with you, hopeless romantics
are screwed to hell. Since I didn't want
a full ride yet; I ended it. I cut it
off, this strange thing between us

You always ask me if it was
all bad. I'm getting sick of that
question and how you have a knack
of always showing up when I think
about you.
I consider getting a restraining order.

But my morality got the better of me; I chalk it all up to coincidence.
I begin thinking of awkward holiday cards
I have to send you each year.

Fuck morality.