Undeniable Feelings:
A one-shot


"Even though she doesn't believe in love,
He's determined to call her bluff
Who could deny these butterflies?
They're filling his gut."

- All Time Low - Remembering Sunday


She had pushed him away and stated that she didn't want a single thing to do with him.

She was obstinate, idiotic, naïve, and she didn't solely stop at being hardheaded. But regardless, that didn't stop him from loving her with the heart people so often distinguished as black and ice cold. He couldn't help the way he felt about her though it pained, angered and numbed him all at once. After many solid years of trying and succeeding to push everyone away, she came into his life and he couldn't seem find the strength that he had built up all of those years.

It was more than once, countless times in fact, that he had led on girls and spat them back out just before he could even come close to caring for them.

He didn't want to fall in love; he knew that good things could only end devastatingly, and he didn't want to feel that pain again. It was too heart wrenching; too emotional. No matter what it took, he promised himself that he would never; could never be put through that sort of tribulation again. He had gone through it too many times, and it hurt so badly, so eminently that he just couldn't handle it.

So he decided to deal with it differently; by not letting anyone get that close ever again. But then she had to come along and threaten to ruin all of it with only one crooked grin shot carelessly his way.

He didn't know how to stop the feelings that floated throughout his whole body every single time she touched or even looked at him. He finally knew how it was to feel so helpless.

He was drenched in sweat from the demanding heat and walking down the steep dark road, with only one thing, or rather, person, crowding up his mind, he absentmindedly pressed his earphones into his ears and turned up the volume on his iPod. Even though the familiar sound of his favorite band filled his ears and slightly calmed him, he breathed a sigh of agony, wondering where he would go from here. She wouldn't let him in, she denied his feelings, pushed him away, and only now did it prod his mind how thoughtless and selfish he had been by using and discarding so many girls in the past.

"Maybe this is what karma is," he thought dryly to himself, a bitter chuckle soon following.

He got to the curved bridge, and while passing carefully on it, he looked closely, noticing the breaks, holes and rifts that made the bridge look brutally old and abused. He compared it to himself crisply, noting that this was how he felt at the moment. He had poured out his heart and soul to someone, though he had never done it before. It was a first for him, and he was slashed in the back for it. If this was how love felt with her, he wasn't so sure that he wanted it anymore.

Getting closer to the park, he neared the corner and made his way to the rusty swings. They creaked and groaned, but he adored them. He would come here and swing peacefully, with no distractions. Nobody ever thought of coming to this park anymore, since most of it had been broken down from its elderly existence. This had been his place of comfort since he was small; when he needed some time and space to think and get away from everyone. It was the only place he really felt at ease and instead of annoyance, he felt comforted by the whines of protest that the swing made when he rested his weight on it.

He had exclusively told only one person of this meaningful place, and that person would be her. He had trusted her enough to let her see it, and because he knew for a fact that he would always want to be around her. He was starting to doubt that judgment now.

Swinging back and forth, he let his mind consume him wholly. He continued to kick sand beneath his heals and swing almost at a steady rhythm.

Wrapped up in his own thoughts, he had failed to notice a stirring shadow under the slide that sloped further away from him. He stopped swinging with an abrupt kick to the sand and cautiously began to get up to examine the shadow. Drawing nearer, he saw a person hunched over with a dark, baggy shirt hanging from their body. The feminine sobs of said person filled his ears more clearly and he rushed over and leaned down to face her.

His heart almost tore apart.

"Allison?" he whispered softly, his heart banging through his chest at an unnatural level.

She froze immediately and didn't move an inch for a couple of seconds, inhaling sharp breaths through her nose. He crouched down so he was only inches away from her. He was trying to get closer to her perfection, flaws and all, because he wanted to feel the moment as it was now. He wanted to feel the anxiousness and rush that he felt when he was near her.

He didn't want to have to think about the future when he didn't know if she'd be in his future.

She only lowered her head more and bit her bottom lip. Tears fell down, leaving wet trails on her face.

"Allison," he repeated, more surely, albeit more cautiously this time. "Why are you crying?"

She swallowed her fears and looked up and into his eyes for the first time. Her black hair was hung loosely, draping over her shoulders carelessly and even though her gray orbs were bloodshot, they were beautiful and made his heart quicken even more. Wistfully, she shut her eyes and reached her hand up to trace his jaw, almost as if memorizing him before he vanished.

He grabbed her fingers lightly before she could make him tremble anymore and kissed each with love even he couldn't seem to fathom. With every kiss placed delicately to her fingertips, her heart boomed and blossomed in her chest. Before she could even realize what she was doing, she weaved her fingers through his hair and brought him closer to her before dropping her lips down to his. The kiss lasted a mere six seconds before he pulled away angrily. He wanted this more than anything, but he couldn't take the pain.

"Don't kiss me if you don't mean it," he said hoarsely. "You're playing with me when you know how I feel about you."

She fiddled absentmindedly with tufts of his hair and whispered, "I mean it."

"No you don't, Alls," he said sadly, though he felt his heart aching for her. "You've done this too many times. I can't…I can't take it anymore. It hurts."

"Devon," she breathed, tears streaming slowly down her pale face, "I'm crying because I love you."

She looked down and he took her chin and pulled it up with his fingertips, forcing her to meet his eyes. All he could see were swirls of gray mixed with the sincere feelings that she exposed unintentionally.

"And I'm hurting too," she muttered, her voice breaking at the end.

He could have sworn that his heart stopped beating from the impact of her trembling words.

He knew then that despite the pain and emotional turmoil she put him in, he needed to stick by her. He would shatter if he didn't. She was what he thought about through his whole day, and even when he was with other girls, he couldn't help but subconsciously compare them to her. She consumed his mind, and it was time to chase after what he loved instead of letting it slip through his fingers. He needed to chase after her.

It took a while, but within that split second an unmistakable grin took over his features, making him light up in a way that she couldn't believe. Her stomach churned pleasantly and her tears turned into laughter when she saw that smile that she had fallen hard in love with.

He kissed her with such force and sweetness all at once that she felt herself go weak, though she knew that she was steady, sitting on the sandy ground and unable to fall. She gripped his shoulders in attempt to stop shaking, but it didn't help. She knew that she fell in love with him fast and hard, and she couldn't stop the feeling from overtaking and overpowering her attempts to stop it.

"Never leave me again," he demanded softly, his fingers finding their way to fill in the gaps between hers.

With a quick but honest nod, she wholeheartedly agreed.


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