Her Heart

On the table were the hearts of twenty young women. If you took a look inside of the hearts, you could see everything that you would need to know about her. Standing behind the table were the girls themselves. Every now and then, young man would pass by and pick up a heart of one of the girls.

Usually, he would take it along with the owner. They never returned. Later, the girls found out that they were happily married and had children.

But this wasn't always the case. Sometimes, the man wouldn't even look at the heart; he would look at the owner. Taking her by the hand and grabbing the heart, they would go off. It would only be a short period of time before the she returned. Her heart would be ripped and tattered. The man wouldn't return. Even if he did, no one would go with him.

Slowly, the number of hearts would decrease. There were always some that returned, always broken.

Sometimes there would be a man that would take a broken heart and heal it. They would then go off and live their lives together. But this also wasn't always the case. The hearts of the few girls that were to worn to be repaired went and kill themselves; some of them rot and died off.

Out of the group of twenty, there was one girl who watched as her friends went off and received new lives. She watched her friends get their hearts broken. She rejoiced with her friends with happy lives and wept and comforted with the ones who were hurt.

She was always helping others that she became wary of the men that came by. Though she was wary, she still put her heart on the line. She believed that love was real and she was determined to get hers. She had her heart dropped and broken. But the friends she gained from the whole experience helped her heal. Her heart still had ripples and tears but it was also still whole.

Her hope was slipping but she still held her head high.

Finally, her day came. The young gentleman had charming good looks. His shaggy brown hair was flipped out of his eyes. The eyes themselves were a soft shade of green. The smile on his face as he look at her with her heart in his hands was a blend of adoration and something else she couldn't tell.

Rubbing his thumbs on her heart, slowly, the heart was being repaired. A few silent tears slid down her face as she stared into his eyes. When he finished restoring her heart, he took her hand and led her around the table.

As she walked by, the remaining girls gave her tearful hugs and goodbyes. As she walked out of the doors, she saw a new life that she couldn't even imagine. With a whole heart and her new partner, she walked into the beginning of a new life, something even better than her dreams.

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