Scabarous city totter on beyond brink of doom.
Testament to ancient arts, festered boiling sound.
Fearful moments smearing into monstrous lives.
Forbidden forms, a deeper shadow than the dark around.

A group mind of dementia, thoughts of chaos come alive.

Watching for the time to come of evil stars and errant woe,
They bow in fear and wretched love to ancient idols stone.
Perverse delight in wicked acts, grovel in their foul decay.
Twisted lust for long dead flesh draws pleasure from the bones.

Crawling creeping countenance, cursing and corroded.

Who now would know or dare to understand
The rites of carbon-crusted three-eyed priests
Before the Earth was first infected with life?
Beneath their knives, what may be men but should be beast.

Obsessive odorous oracle, endless orifice obscene.

Beyond corrupt and decadent, the towers loom and leer.
The city gates like rotten teeth in jagged disrepair.
The streets are bare of vagrants for the hungry eat them all.
Before the throne of mutant gods, insanity is prayer.

Vacant void awaits, valiantly we vomit verse in vain.