Sex and Candy

The day I met him would irrevocably be imprinted into my head. You see most stories start with a move, or a drastic change of events, mine starts with a door and a boy with a bit too much sass. If I told you that Fletcher Stone was a charming man, I'd be lying. He's, not to be blunt or anything, an asshole. Plain and simple, nothing complicated about that right? But back to the point, there's another thing you should know about this Fletcher. He's a dead on believer in chivalry. New flash honey bunches of oats, chivalry is dead as a board, and it can't be revived.

*Sex and Candy*

I was late. It was a statement that was commonly used inside of my head. See I have this idea about life. Spread the word if you wish, if not, well that's alright my little turtle doves. I think that school is the most pointless waste of twelve years or more of people's lives. We'll never get them back. I often wish that the government would come to its senses and realize that we learn the same thing over and over in school. Most things, generally never apply to real life situations. I mean why do I have to know that y=MX+B? Plain stupid? You got that right. Not to mention the agonizing torture of being taught something that's completely wrong in most occasions of history. Not true? Don't bother telling me.

To say that I was cynical was a bit of an understatement. Insert evil laugh right about here. After be revived from the most vivid of daydreams, I rushed towards the bus stop only for it to be revealed that once again, I'd missed it. Sighing in defeat I jogged my way to school (despite the annoying flopping of my bag against my back).Now this is the important part. This is where I, Nico Richards, the oh so glamorous black haired girl with pale skin and eyes like a sack of cow manure, meet the dark, mysterious damsel in distress, Fletcher Stone.

I'd like to think that if he wasn't a stoner and I didn't have an unfortunate habit of always being tardy, we would've never met. But somehow we did meet, by chance, or fate or whatever the hell you scallywags believe in. The encounter was brief, but important. I stood at the door, waiting for the secretary (the old crone) to buzz me in, when Fletcher came strolling up with a certain haze in his eyes. He shot me a look, I glared. Lovely really. Finally the secretary unlocked the doors and he made the first move to open the door. I didn't object. As we walked through the second door (which he had graciously opened for me also) he winked playfully, and leans down close to my ear.

"See Richards, if you stopped being such a sour puss, you'd realize chivalry isn't dead, and the world isn't such a bad place after all." I took that as a challenge.

"Actually Stone, chivalry never really existed, because knights were really rapist and murders. You see the only people who wanted to go on these long campaigns for the King were people who were in those god awful jails. In conclusion the Knights, the round table, their code of chivalry, were just a pile of shit made up to give woman a reason to complain about their man." Did I tell you that I'm sort of a bitch?

And that was it. That was how I, Nico Richards, had my first real meeting with a boy who taught me how to live.

*Sex and Candy*

I'd barely realized that we it was already November until I looked at the late pass the secretary had given me. November 13th, 2009. It's almost hard to believe how fast junior year was going past. My school Emerson High, was located in the center of a small town in Massachusetts that goes by the name of Darwin (I know pretty lame name right)? It had an indoor track, a gym, a nice lobby, big class rooms, a theater, music room, cafeteria, about one acre of land, but no money to its name. But I was okay with that. All that matter to me is that I could always get in and out of this place.

By the time I'd arrived to school second block was just beginning giving me just about two seconds to get my English class before Mrs. Summers flipped a switch, but I didn't care. Couldn't give two bloody pie holes what she said to me. However, when I did arrive, there was an unpleasant surprise sitting directly in my seat. Yes, you smart little goldfish, you've guessed it. Fletcher Stone, who'd usually skip this class, sat directly in my seat, butt super glued on there. I growled.

"Listen Stone, I'd really love it if you removed your butt from my seat." He smirked, while I predicted his next line.

"I don't see your name on it." I sent him a murderous look then gave a pointed look to the back support on the chair. He leaned forward a little only to reveal my name carefully written on it. Yes I'm a rebel. "Oh, well will you look at that." He smiles, clearly stating that he had knowledge of my name being there all along.

"Miss Richards, take your seat right now, and stop disrupting my class."

"A rather tempting off Halley," I said calling her by her first name, "and I'd love to take you up on it. Unfortunately there's been a turn in events making your request rather impossible. Also isn't by saying that I'm disturbing your class, further drawing attention to me, the disruption, which escalates the situation so that all the students that may not have been disrupted are now so?" Mrs. Summers was hot with anger, and Fletcher was giving me that smirk he gave when he was impressed with someone. I raised a brow at Mrs. Summers, although all she did was point to the door. I smiled graciously and gave the class a curtsy before walking out of the room and too the office. I could still here the whopping cheers from there. The principal was sitting in her office when I arrived, all she had to do was give me a glance and she knew why I was there.

"Detention, afterschool tomorrow Nico, try and behave until then." I gave him a salute before walking out of his door. If you couldn't tell, this had become a regular thing. As I said before, I'm a rebel, even though I spend more time reading then doing naughty things.

Eventually lunch block came again and I took my regular seat in the back corner of the cafeteria. I usually sat alone but sometimes a new student would wander my way, try and make nice while I was reading, and I would completely ignore them. Most people have learned to give up on me. I didn't mind. Today was different though, because today four of them came to sit with me. It was disgusting really. They were Fletchers friends that I knew, because I've saw them walk the halls with each other. The reasoning to why they were here was unknown, until he appeared, in all his broken glory.

There was no denying that Fletcher was dazzling. He had black hair that reached his ears, and pale skin. He was tall about 6'3, and loomed over most of the female population. Most found it intimidating; I saw it as a challenge. His eyes though, were the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. No they weren't a spectacular shade of green or blue, and now they didn't change color. They were the warmest brown I'd ever seen, like liquid gold.

"Quite a show you put on there, sunshine," I rolled my eyes at his endearment.

"Always was a showstopper." He took a seat beside me ushering the boy with brown hair and blue eyes to scoot over. "Aren't you going to introduce me, Fletcher?"

"Ah," he licked his lips, "I like the way you make my name sound dirty." He practically purred the words. "This here," he said pointed to the boy who he made move, "Is Ashton. Sitting next to him," he held his gaze at a girl with blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, "Is Amelia, she prefers we call her Amy." She gave me a friendly smile, and he brown eyes twinkled. "Next to her is Quincy," I looked at him, surprised to see he looked almost just like Fletcher, except his eyes were blue, "My little brother, he's a sophomore. And last but not least Meagan." She was the only one who didn't seem welcoming, which was funny seeing how they were at my table. Meagan was pretty, to say the least. With black hair dazzling green eyes, a natural blush and a perfect body any boy would want her. Just not the one she wanted to want her. Within the two minutes of having there company I'd figured out that she and Fletcher must've had a thing a while ago. It didn't bother me to the least though.

"How long," I asked her raising my left brow.

"A year or so, and you?"

"South of never, Meagan, and that's a promise." Her demeanor suddenly changed to friendly, and for that I was grateful. Everyone else at the table seemed confused beyond belief but I took no mind to it. "Fletcher," he moaned like me saying his name was really me giving him pleasure. "Will you cut that out? Now if you don't mind me asking, why in the hell are you sitting with me?" Fletcher looked at me, grinning.

"Because I want to show you how to get that stick out of your bum, and live a little Nico." I scowled.

"I am living Fletcher."

"Ooh, so dirty." I winced at the amount of lust that was laced in his voice. "Just because your inhaling this thing called oxygen doesn't mean you're actually alive, Nico." He licked his lips again.

"You'd fit right in with those Knights of yours. I could honestly see you being a rapist one day."

"Everybody is willing, Nico," no man should ever be capable of purring that way. He shuffled closer to me, until our noses were touching, and then…I punched him in the face. And all I could think about for the rest of the day was how Fletcher smelt beneath my nose. Like sex and candy, just as the song states.

*Sex and Candy*

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