I am sitting.

Just, you know, sitting.

The big problemo is that yours truly is sitting where no one-who happens to be sane and normal-ever wants to sit.

Stuck in the backseat of a car.

In front of a fast, moving train.

Why? Because they told me to. Am I insane? NO. They just told me to. Who are they? I have no clue.

According to the happy yellow sign next to my wonderful mother, she's exactly 43 yards away from the tracks. Her mouth was amazingly blank-considering the circumstances-but her eyes darted from the train to the car.

She didn't even look at me. She should have. This was definitely the last time she would see me again, that's for sure.

Pathetic, no?

The train was still 587 yards away. She could at least look like she'd tried to save her last beloved daughter.

500 yards.




My mother fell to the ground crying and-


I was dead.

Yes, it's short, but please review. Should I make it longer? It's sorta the prologue. Constructive criticism is VERY welcome.