I've been planning this story for a while now. And I glad to finally start posting it. But now I'm going to do thing a little differently than I'd originally planned. I've been reading the stories by xPrettyXxRadx, and I like the way they flow. So I'm going to switch the POV between the two main characters, Fred and Cassie. So without further ado, here is my story. Love Stinks...A LOT!

This story starts with these three facts.

1. My name is Fred.

2. I'm a nerd

3. I don't have, nor do I want, a girlfriend

And I'm pretty confident that none of them will change by the end of the story. My name will still be Fred. Fred Edgar Owens. It's the name I was given when I was born, and it's the name I intend to keep until the day I die. Unless I'm somehow forced to change it, for...security reasons or something. But what are the odds of that happening? Slim to none, I'd say.

I'll still be a nerd. Being called a nerd used to hurt when I was a kid. But in high school, I've embraced that title. I'm smart, I'm obsessive over nerdy things(anime, manga, comics, video games, books, trading card games) and I couldn't care less if they pick on me for that. I don't take it because I'm weak, I take it because I know I have a bright future. Most of the time, the popular kids never amount to much outside school.

And even if they become successful, it still pales in comparison to what nerds do. We become scientists, we invent new technology, we write novels, we become doctors that save peoples lives. The fact of the matter is people like me, the nerds you insult and belittle, change the world. So all you jocks and cheerleaders get your laughs in while you can, because you'll be working for me in about 10 years or so.

(Gasp)(OK,. I need to rest my mouth for a minute)

And still, if I wasn't a nerd just for myself, I'm a nerd for the kids out there. The group of whiny, bookish, wheezing, noseblowing kids who wear velcro shoes and digital watches. Who are picked on for not being as athletic as someone else, or for being a little overweight for their size, for wearing glasses or having allergies, or asthma. They look up to me, they need a good role model, and that's what I plan to be for them. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not using nerdy kids as an example. I mean there actually are a group of nerdlings in this town that look up to me. Don't worry, you'll meet them later in the story.

And I'm positive that I still won't have a girlfriend. It's not necessarily a bad thing, though. I don't need a relationship to validate who I am. I look around and see couples hugging or kissing in the halls. Well that's good for them, but I don't see what's so great about it. Having all your attention diverted onto your partner, you can't focus on things like school, or friends, or family. It's all about your girlfriend. When you're with her, all you do is talk. When you're not with her, you're either talking about her, or talking to her on your cell phone.(Not that I even own a cell phone anyway) It just seems like a pain. And in my opinion, all a girlfriend really gets you is a one way trip to The Maury Show.


(Hold on, my mouth is tired again)

And besides...what girl would be interested in me anyway? Most of the girls here at my school are so vain and shallow, they wouldn't be caught dead near a nerd like me. And the ones that aren't completely self-absorbed are already taken. There's pretty much no chance that I'd find a girlfriend here even if I wanted one. I'm not saying it won't happen someday, because I can't see the future. But I'm sure it won't change by the end of this story.

Now that you've heard the facts, it's time for the story.


Chapter One:If Chemistry was a Fruit...Maybe It'd be a Cantaloupe or Banana or maybe Kiwi

I walked down the hallway, enjoying the silence. Row after row of moss green lockers were on either side of me. And I walked at an even pace until I reached the locker I was looking for. Namely...mine. I quickly spun my combination into the lock and opened the door. Before I fished out the books I needed, I crossed out Thursday on the calendar I kept on the inside of my locker door.

"One more day gone" I thought "Way too many left"

As I put the books in my backpack, a thick shoulder bumped into me. I looked over to see a walking lump of a person wearing a letter jacket.

"One side Four-Eyes" he grunted

I hate being called Four-Eyes. Not just because it annoys me, but because it's such an old insult. It's so lame to hear someone call you Four-Eyes these days. I mean seriously, couldn't they come up with something better than Four-Eyes. Like "Those lenses are so thick I bet you can see into the future".Or even something simple like "Those glasses make you look stupid"

"Blow it out your asshole" I snapped back

He turned back around and glared at me angrily. My glasses slipped down my nose, so I pushed them back up with my middle finger. He grumbled and walked away. That's one good thing about wearing glasses, you can flip people off under the guise of adjusting them on your face.

I made my way out of the hallway and into the cafeteria. The pure silence of the hallway became a near-deafening roar as I wove my way around the tables. I looked for an empty table, and spotted one in the back. I took notice of the different groups yammering away about whatever it was they were talking about.

The first table was The Rich Girls. The stereotypical blond, cheerleader types who date dumb jocks. Those stupid, preppy bitches who get everything they want and look down on the people who aren't rich. I actually feel a little sorry for them. They really have no idea how the world works. Oh well, reality will hit them soon enough. As I passed by them I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. Such as

"He has such a cute ass"


"Do you have any Lip Gloss?"


I covered my ears. I hated it when they'd squeal. It was like hanging around dolphins. Only dolphins were more fun to be around. I picked up speed to get to the empty table faster. You could only listen to that garbage for so long. It's enough to drive a person crazy.

"Cackling harpies" I mumbled to myself

After that I took a left and passed by the Emo/Scene table. Some of them were OK guys. I like to think of myself as a loner. Someone who'd prefer to be by himself most of the time. But for some reason, some of them were more than happy to talk to me. They would even coax me into sitting at their table at lunch from time to time. I honestly don't know why anyone outside of the Nerds would want to talk to me. Those guys tend to stick together, so why would they want to include me? Maybe they have some sort of "Emo Radar" that picks up on other potential Emo's. But still, I'm not really emotional or sensitive. And I haven't had any big problems or pain in my life.

That they knew about anyway.

Oh well.

When I passed their table a few of them waved at me. I waved back, and they went back to their conversation.

The next table I passed was one I knew very well, The Nerds. The scrawny, math-loving, video game obsessed students with those annoying laughs you can't get out of your head. Everyone feels comfortable if they're surrounded by like-minded people. And if I was feeling sociable, the table with that collection of dorks, goobers, spazzes, misfits, and waste-cases, was a place I knew I'd be welcome. A girl wearing a Weezer t-shirt rose from her chair when I walked up.

"Hey Fred" she called out

"Hey Kelly" I called back

There was one more table to pass by, the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual table. The school's queers, or at least the ones that were open about their sexuality. I gave the table a quick once over. A bunch of guys in clothes that looked incredibly tight. A few girls, some of them feminine others were butch with wild and spiky hair. And two boys that were currently making out.

"Get a room" I thought to myself

I finally made it to the empty table. I pulled a Strawberry-filled cereal bar out of my backpack and unwrapped one end. Right after I took a bite, one of the two lip-locked boys pulled away from his partner, walked over and sat beside me. He was wearing a white button up shirt, and tight black pants. He had multiple piercings in his right ear, and a single silver stud in his left.

"Hi Fred" he said in a cheery voice

I swallowed the chewed up food and spoke back "Hey Tyler"

His name was Tyler Cranston. He was gay, a queer, a homo. He was also my best friend since second grade. After coming out of the closet last year, he spends almost all his time the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual alliance after-school club. But he and I are still connected, as only best friends can be. If you're thinking that I have a crush on Tyler, stop right there, I'm straight as an arrow. But since I'm almost always seen at school with him, most people think I'm gay...which I'm not. It's just as well anyway, it's not like any girl would be interested in me.

"It's good to see you back at school" I said

"After having the stomach flu, I'm glad to be back" he said "Did I miss anything big?"

"Not really" I answered taking another bite of my breakfast "The past few days have been uneventful"

"So..." he said "How's your mom?"

I stopped chewing for a moment and swallowed hard "She's...doing pretty well"

Taking notice of what I was eating, Tyler's smile grew wider "Strawberry cereal bar" he said "Can I have one?"

"I only have one" I said

"You don't expect me to believe that, do you" he asked

"Yeah, I do" I answered

"Please" he said "I know you better than that""You probably have two more in your backpack"

He grabbed my bag and started rambling around inside it "Hey" I said pulling it back

"C'mon" he whined "I'm hungry"

He started to give me this big eyed puppy dog look. He'd usually try it on boys he liked. For them it was a cute look, but for me it was nauseating.

"OK, fine" I said reaching into the bottom of my backpack "But you only get one"

He smiled giddily as he unwrapped the cereal bar.

"So how are things with...what's his name again?" I said

"Victor" he said in between bites of his cereal bar "And they're going great"

"I'm happy for you" I said crumpling up the wrapper and tossing it in a nearby trash can

Tyler looked over at me "What?" I asked

"You know what" he said

I sighed "Tyler let's not start on that again" I said

Ever since Tyler came out and started dating, he's convinced that I need to find someone too. I can't seem to get it through his head that I'm not interested in relationships.

"I'd be happy to set you up" Tyler said "I know plenty of girls that would be perfect for you"

"Nah" I said "I'm really not the type to have a girlfriend"

Tyler raised an eyebrow "Well then maybe..." he began

"Or boyfriend" I added "I'm more the type who prefers to be alone"

"You really don't know what you're missing" Tyler said "It's great to have someone you can open up to and be intimate with"

"It really doesn't sound so great" I said

Tyler put his arm around my shoulder "Don't even worry about it" he said "You'll find someone, I know it"

I looked at Tyler, my eyes narrowed. I hated it when he did this. As long as he's known me, he should get it by now that I don't like physical contact. Sometimes he does it to tease, other times he means it as a good thing. Either way, I don't like it. So, I'll just have to say what I always say in this situation.

"Take it off or I'll break it off"

Tyler simply smiled and removed his arm. As he did, he looked over at his boyfriend who was glaring jealously. He waved and Victor turned away.

The bell rang and I stood up.

"Time for class" I said "Let's go"

We walked to our first period, Chemistry. Now, I don't mean to brag, but if chemistry was a fruit, I'd pulverize it, spread it on a slice of bread, and eat it for breakfast. It's my best subject. Today we were getting back the tests we took last Friday, and I'm anxious to find out what I made. But I'm pretty confident. This test counted for about 50% of our final grade. I didn't want to take any chances, so I nearly studied myself to death to prepare for it.

"My weekend sucked" Tyler said "I had to take that stupid chemistry test, and to top it off I got sick right after class"

"I don't see the problem" I said "At least your grade didn't fall"

"The problem is that I had a date planned on Saturday" he complained "And I had to spend it with my face in the toilet""Barfing every other minute""I couldn't even call Victor to reschedule it"

"You're such a whiny bitch" I said "I don't even know why I put up with you"

We walked into the room and found our desks. As usual, our tests were laying face down on our desks. As the other students flooded into the class the air was filled with groans of disappointment and shouts of joy. Tyler nervously flipped his test over. The anxious look on his face, turned into a smile.

"Yes" Tyler shouted "I got a 91"

He turned to me "I really owe you" he said "Thanks for helping me study""What did you make anyway?"

I tried and failed to hold back a smirk as I showed him my test "100" he said "Why did I even ask?"

I slipped my test into my science notebook, along with a few other tests I had saved. It's not like I plan to frame them on my wall or anything. I just keep them around for a quick review if we get a pop quiz. Plus it's nice to look back on your passing grades every once in a while.

"ACK" I heard "I don't believe this"

I turned back to see where the voice came from. I saw a girl with hair dyed hot pink. She was wearing pair of bright, paint-spattered jeans and a purple tank top. Her midriff was exposed enough to reveal a flame-like tattoo surrounding a pierced navel. On her forehead was a pair of aviator goggles which really didn't seem to serve any purpose but to take up space.

"Cassandra Collins" I thought "Big surprise"

She was holding her test, both her hands shaking. She looked like she was going to cry.

"What's wrong" someone asked

"I bombed this test" she groaned slamming her head on her desk "My mom's going to kill me"

This wasn't anything new. She was always complaining about her low test grades. But it looked like this one was a lot lower than usual. She never hit her head on her desk before.

"Maybe if she keeps it up she can knock a little sense into herself" I thought

Chemistry class was pretty easy today. The teacher, Ms Sarver assigned us the questions at the end of Chapter 12. Basically it was just writing down questions, and then looking for the answers in the chapter. It was dead easy, which is why I got finished quickly.

After I got finished, I pulled out my copy of Maximum Ride and started reading. After about 20 minutes, which for me equals around 60 pages, of reading Ms Sarver stood up from her desk.

"I'm going to go make a phone call" she announced "I'll be back in a moment"

As soon as she closed the door behind her, Cassie was the first to speak

"Finally" she said "I thought she'd never leave"

Cassie closed her eyes tightly. Everyone around her knew what was coming.


She sighed in relief after the gaseous explosion"Much better" she said

The person behind her began to cough "Jeez, that's rank" he complained

She snorted a bit which turned into a braying laugh. "Sorry" she said "I'm always gassy in the morning"

"You're always gassy...period" he shot back "Couldn't you at least say excuse me?"

She put a hand to her chin, as if she was considering it. Then she leaned to the side


"Nah" she said pinching her nose shut as she laughed "Phew, I sure don't remember eating eggs for breakfast"

A few others laughed along with her, I just shook my head. Cassie reminded me of one of the characters in my book. The Gasman, nicknamed Gazzy by his family a.k.a The Flock. He was an eight year old kid who had a messed up digestive system. He had a serious gas problem, and so did she.

"What's wrong with her?" I wondered "Does she have any manners?"

I went back to reading my book. After a few minutes, Tyler leaned over and whispered to me

"What's the melting point of Cobalt?"

I gave him a glance "First of all" I began "The teacher's not here so you don't have to whisper""Secondly, Do your own work dill weed"

Tyler frowned at me and went back to work. I didn't mind helping him study, but I wasn't going to just give him the answers while he was still working on them. That's cheating, and I don't cheat. Never have, never will, and never needed to.

Ms Sarver opened the door and poked her head into the room

"Fred" she called out "Could I speak with you outside for a moment?"

My eyes snapped up from my book. I could feel a few pairs of eyes being fixed on me. The only reason that Ms Sarver would call you outside was to talk to you about your grades. So, needless to say, I was a bit confused as to why she'd call me. I folded a corner of my book to mark my place, and I calmly walked to the door. Ms Sarver shut the door behind me, and we stood in the silence of the hall.

"Is something wrong?" I asked

"Yes there is" she said "I'm having a bit of trouble with one of your classmates"

I immediately felt relief that the problem wasn't with me. But now I was curious as to what she meant.

"What kind of trouble?" I asked

Ms Sarver looked a bit uncomfortable "It's a grade issue" she said "She's had mediocre grades for most of the year""I try and get her to apply herself, but nothing works""And now she's failed an important test, and her semester grade has fallen"

I had the urge to say that's her own fault. But this is a teacher I'm speaking to and I show them respect. Besides if she wanted to talk to me about it, then that probably meant she wanted me to tutor this classmate.

"Report cards are going to be issued next Friday" she said "So I'm giving her a makeup test next Wednesday""You're one of my best students, so I'd like you to tutor her"

There it was, tutoring. Usually you'd get extra credit if you tutored another student. But my chemistry grades were already high, so for me extra credit was pretty much meaningless. I wanted to say "What's in it for me if I do it?". But again, I'm talking to a teacher and I respect them.

She wanted me to help out another classmate, that's no big deal. So what else could I say but

"OK, I'll do it"

An almost giddy smile crossed her face "Excellent" she said "I'll have you both come into class early tomorrow""You can get started then"

She opened the door and I made my way back to my desk. Tyler quickly leaned over and whispered

"What happened"

"I'll tell you later"

The bell rang some time later. Well...it's not actually a bell. It's more like a tone or an alarm that plays over the intercom when it's time to change classes. I wish they'd give it a real name. Because I'm stuck with calling it a bell when it really isn't a bell. And calling it "The tone or alarm that plays over the intercom when it's time to change classes" is a mouthful. The tone or alarm that plays over the intercom when it's time to change classes rang some time later. See, it's a mouthful. Seriously, who'd want to read all of that when you could just say "the bell".But's it's not really a bell anyway. What the hell is it? Hang on...where was I?

Oh yeah, now I remember.

The bell (that isn't a bell) rang sometime later.(Yeah, OK that works) Tyler and I shared second period too, so we walked to class together.

"C'mon" he said "What did you talk about?"Spill it"

I gave him a sideways glance. He sounded the way women do when they're talking at a beauty salon.(By the way, don't ask me how I know that) He's a gossip whore, and I knew he'd hound me until I told him.

"Alright" I said "Geez you're such a girl"

Tyler rolled his eyes "Just tell me already"

"Ms Sarver wants me to tutor someone" I said

"Is that all?" Tyler asked sounding disappointed

"Pretty much" I said

"Who is it?" he asked

I shrugged "She didn't say"

"Who do you think it is?" Tyler asked

I shrugged again "I dunno" I said "I really don't care who it is"

"Maybe it's Tony West" Tyler said "He's always cheating on tests".

"I doubt that it's Tony" I said "He's a cheater, but he's too good at it to need a tutor"

We entered our second period class, English. The teacher was usually late for some reason or another. So were we supposed to get out a book and read until he got back. Most people just talked until he showed up. But I was one of the few who actually read during this time. I pulled out my copy of Maximum Ride, while Tyler was still trying to guess who I was supposed to tutor.

"How about Jennie Lockson" Tyler said

I thought about Jennie. She was a nice girl, a vegan. She reminded me of soda, bubbly and sweet. She could be kind of a ditz sometimes, but focused when things were important. Especially when it came to school. So I don't think she'd need tutoring.

"Not likely" I said

Tyler thought for a moment and laughed a bit "I'd sure feel sorry for you if it was Cassie Collins"

I gave him a cross look "It's probably her" I said

"Oh come on" Tyler said "It could be anyone"

"Think about it" I said "She's always complaining about failing tests""Plus, Ms Sarver said the student was a "she"

Faced with that evidence Tyler shook his head "I'm sorry" he said "Just so you know, you'll be in my thoughts"

"You make it seem like I'm dying" I said "She's the last person I'd want to work with, but if I'm supposed to tutor her, I'll do it""She gets a good grade, and then I'll get on with my life"

Tyler shook his head again "You're the bravest guy I've ever known" he said "I don't think I could survive tutoring..." he shuddered before he finished the sentence "Gassy Cassie"

"Oh grow up" I said as I turned my attention back to my book

OK the first chapter is over an done with. The next chapter will be from Cassie's POV. Anyway please review, flame, criticize, say whatever you want. Just let me know that someone has read my story. Let me know what you think. Be honest, lie to my face, I don't care, just say something...PLEASE!

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