Falling Down

Chapter 1


9:58 pm

New York, New York


"I thought I'd fall in love with the city. New York, the big apple, right? I've always been a city girl. But, instead, I find myself falling for you. Someone I never would've expected to fall for. What's wrong with this picture? Of course. You yourself."

Angel Giovanna De Luca's POV:

Urgh, I can't believe it! I couldn't find my keys. Wow, only my first day here in New York and I can't even get into my loft. Ah! Found it.

Turning the key sideways, I was thankful that it actually opened. I almost jumped for joy when I saw my half-sister, Erika, sitting on the couch. So glad that I got here late, now I think most of my furniture was here!

"Gellie!" Erika perked up and laughed when she saw me lug two huge suitcases, and an overstuffed duffel bag in by myself. She continued to do what she was doing before. Watching TV.

Groaning, I walked inside and kicked the door shut. "Thanks for helping out, sis. And how many times do I have to tell you? I'm not a baby. Don't call me 'Gellie'. it's Angel, or don't address me at all. Don't even think about calling me by my middle name either, sis." I said, groaning as I plopped on the couch next to her, throwing the duffel bag aside off my shoulder. I tossed my long sandy brown hair aside, I think I was sweating.

"Grumpy." Erika mumbled, I glared at her with my olive-green eyes but laughed.

"Well, here we are. What do you think?" she asked me, gesturing around the loft. I followed her hand, slower though. I saw the metal elevator that lead upstairs and the next floor above that. The stairs beside it, the kitchen to the left of the elevator and lastly, the door on my right. Not much here. Just a couch, TV, stereo system, glass coffee table, in the living area. The kitchen already came with its standard frosty white big refrigerator with both a water, and ice dispenser on either side of the doors. Metal sink, fairly sized, dishwasher, stove and oven, microwave, counter, and island. I smiled. Not much, but just enough for me.

"I like it. Feels like home already." I said with a small smile. Erika was my half-sister, sharing the same dad, we shared some traits. The same sharp, angular nose. The high cheekbones and straight chin. Her forehead was just a tad bigger than mine, but her eyes were a hazel colour, apposed to the olive green of mine. Her brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail and my sandy brown hair down since I almost missed the flight here from Montana and didn't have time to do my hair. The green off-the-shoulder sweater I was wearing seemed to be making me hotter than I already was and my dark blue ankle-length skinny jeans were getting tighter by the minute. Urgh, is January 1st supposed to be this hot? I could feel a light sheen of moisture dress my olive-toned face. I groaned again and fell into the couch pillows.

"You have Daughtry?" I asked Erika, she nodded. "Play it." I ordered, she pressed play on some remote on the glass coffee table and 'No Surprise' played. My favourite song from my favourite band.

As we were listening to the music, something hit me. "Erik?" I asked, Erika turned her head.

"When dad sent us here...it wasn't for the good of us, right?" I asked. She shook her head, her hazel eyes turning dark.

"What do we have to hunt down?"

She looked at me darkly, depress sheilding her other emotions. "We are not. We are not the ones here in this country to hunt down our enemies. We both left our homes for a reason, Angel. We are only half dryad. We're lucky enough that we canc actually leave our trees."

Sighing, I nodded. I was sort of hoping to hunt down those who killed our brothers and sisters. We only have revieved the news a week ago, and rushed here since the wood from our brothers' and sisters' trees were being shipped here from Greece. We, Erika and I, were rooted up from Italy, for our father was not a dryad, our mothers were. Hey, yeah, I said mothers, but I did mention Erika and I were only half-sisters. Anyways, when we heard they were felling trees back in Greece, we immediatly uprooted, since we were a special kind of dryad, Hamadryades, we can uproot and leave our trees, but if someone kills that tree. We go down with it. Our father loves us much, so he is protecting our trees right now. But, we were sent here to avenge our siblings and see to it that their wood would be respected, not made.

"But." She said, breaking me from my thoughts. "But, we do have to avenge our siblings. We will not hunt." my face broke out into a smile. Finally, some vengance.

Daman's POV:

"No problem, babe. Yeah, love you too." I said, frowning into the phone and closing it. I heaved a huge sigh and leaned against the wall, raking a hand through my russet hair. Why did I put up with my girlfriend anyway? There probably was a huge possibility she was cheating on me. Why was Michaela so…slutty anyway? I mean, who wants that anymore? Haha, funny. Look, I've had my very large share of good one-night stands but come on, you think you're in love with your slut of a girlfriend who has those stand all the time? I shrugged. I didn't really mind. It was New Years today. January 1st, 2010 here in New York. Time Square was really busy just less than eleven hours ago, dropping the ball and confetti was everywhere. I wasn't there, though I was watching my favourite band, Daughtry, through my window. 'No Surprise' was my favourite though. I got up and looked into the mirror hanging on my wall. Amber eyes reflecting at me, I walked away, ashamed of my face for having to put up with such a horrible creature as Michaela. Being too hard on myself? So what.

So much stress had been put on me since my father, CEO of the large new company, Wooded Living, put me in charge of moving all this new wood that his company just cut down from Europe, to Greek. Apparently, they were rare and sacred trees. Something about the wood just made me stressed out, my slut of a girlfriend wasn't helping either.

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