About me (every single blog, I am going to start off a little introduction about myself that relates to the topic at hand. My readers, we can grow together and maybe even become friends.)

I don't smoke, because it smells and according to my friends, tastes disgusting; it's only fun if you do it with close friends.

I rarely drink, because the stronger stuff tastes like shit/overload of ginger/bitter/dog shit. Also because I simply want to remain a nonconformist. That's me, a rebel against society.

High School Parties

What comes to your mind when I say "high school?" Perhaps compulsory education? Stress? Cliques? Immaturity? Parties?

High school parties are a perfect representation of high schools, with their awkwardness at the beginning, the craziness near the middle, the drowsiness at the end, the frantic search for a "cool" group of friends, and the lonely outcasts. Only, at these special types of parties, alcohol augments the effects. And where do I fit in? All of the above.

Yesterday, I went to a New Year Party; it was relatively small (15 people) and had a steady supply of free alcohol and this tobacco-smoking apparatus called the "hookah" (it's a Persian thing). Walking in at 8:15 pm with three of my buddies, I went straight for the "food table." (Hint: If you are at a party and feeling awkward, go straight for the food and drinks. Except don't stuff yourself with chips; the orange cheetos might get stuck on your teeth. Not pretty.). Spotting some guys I shared classes with, I walked saucily up to them. Talking about nothing in particular, I soon sauntered away to the backyard (another hint: explore the whole house first to meet all the people and the environment you're in).

Yes, there was peer pressure to drink and smoke hookah. (Hint: It's easier to not drink when you have a friend who promises to do the same).

Heavy influence:

Hot guy: Come on, just a puff. This stuff's good.

Me: No thanks.

Hot guy: Awww, but look, everyone's doing it. Just try it. A little won't hurt.

Me: No.

Hot guy: Please? Just for me?

Me: I said no. *walk away.

Easy breezy influence:

Guy: Hey, wanna take a shot with me?

Me: No.

Guy: *walks away

By no means am I against drinking. It is a social ritual, it loosens people up, and it provides great amusement for the people sober enough to enjoy the drunks making a fool out of themselves. Soon enough, the guy playing beer pong started hollering at the top of their lungs. They jumped three times as high as usual. They started picking up random girls and swinging them around saying, 'I love you so much.'

By the time the alcohol settled in and everyone, except for me and one of my friends, was drunk, the girls started dancing. Only a few guys danced. Being a girl has its advantages in this case. When we swing our hips, we actually look sexy (well, most of us). When guys do it, they just look like awkward turtles. Most guys can't dance. Enough said. I am a skilled amateur dancer—several people said I was good enough to be a pole dancer—and that's always a bonus. Oh, and have on hand a good boom box with sexy music turned up LOUD. The fun really starts when everyone's tipsy and loosened up. Then you can make them do stupid funny things, like idiotic dancing.

At the end of the night, most people will have left or are asleep on the couch/floor. High school parties are really fun. Getting a little tipsy is all right, but never do it because a guy asks you to get a drink when you don't want to. Do it because you feel like doing it. Have fun!