Title: Perfection Alert
Author: Acaylee
Summary: He's hot, rich, and oh-so full of himself. And I just happened to lose a bet against him. Now I have to yell out "perfection alert!" every time I see him. Funny? Uh-uh. Painful? You can't even begin to imagine.

sparkle brighter than edward cullen

This was one of Dad's life lessons he imparted to his children: you won't get a hangover if you don't sleep. And while you may still feel like shit, it ain't a hangover.

And this was what I was doing at midnight on the brink of the New Year – trying not to succumb to sleep. Even if I did feel a bit like shit.

No help from the asshole next to me.

"You're going to sleep sometime," he said, stating the obvious with much amusement. Like I said, no help at all.

My response was to kick him off my bed. "And you shouldn't be on my bed, let alone in my room."

Said asshole recovered quickly, lazily stretching himself across the floor beside me. "Oh, I'm harmless."

Not to the girls whose hearts he'd broken. Hazel-eyed, dark-haired, and over six feet tall, one word to describe Jarred Cooper was not harmless. But I wasn't like those starry-eyed idiots who fawned on him at school.

I leaned over the edge to face him, raising an eyebrow at his comment.

He grinned. "To you," he corrected.

Jarred was my twin brother's best friend, and my parents made a habit of inviting our best friends over to celebrate New Year's Eve. So including my dad, older brother and his best friend, there were currently five males in the house. The fact that everybody thought I was perfectly safe with Jarred somewhat offended me.

He leaned closer towards me. "Unless," he said, "you'd like me to try something."

I flick his forehead. "Unless," I copied his tone, "you want my foot on your groin."

He rolled back, still smiling. Amazing. He looked completely fine, unlike me, and he must have drank twice as much.

As the only girl in the house – since my best friend Taylor was celebrating with her own family – I decided to avoid male bonding time in video games. I was reading a book when Jarred entered and sat on my bed.

So here I was, in my room, with Jarred beside me.

"Shouldn't you be going home soon?" I asked in a sweetened tone.

He grinned, unfazed. "I'm staying over."

Well, it was a try. "I'm sure you'd rather hang out with the guys."

"Don't you know how much I love the female population?" He smile turned into a half-smirk. "Almost as much as they love me."

"Don't make me gag." I returned his smile.

This was how a normal conversation went between Jarred and I. No hard feelings. Except I wouldn't feel comfortable falling asleep in the same room as him.

I glanced at my clock. It was nearly midnight. And I was growing sleepy.

Jarred noticed too. "Falling asleep already?"

I began to say "no" but it came out as half a yawn.

Jarred chuckled. "Haven't you ever stayed up past midnight?"

Well, one way to describe it was that I slept at ten every night. So I ignored him and turned on the television instead. They were beginning the countdown for the New Year fireworks.

"Do I get a kiss at midnight?"

"Hayden's downstairs." He can kiss my brother.

Jarred sighed dramatically. "You break my heart. Maybe I'll have to do the Edward thing that girls love so much."

He didn't need any help with the girls, not that I'd say that aloud. I just threw him a look and said, "What Edward thing? Sparkle?"

"No," he said seriously, before grinning. "Watch you sleep."

Oh god. I didn't know what was worse, the idea that he'd read Twilight, or the thought of him watching me sleep. "I won't go to sleep before you then."

He raised an eyebrow. He was definitely amused. "Says the girl who's yawning already."

The countdown was starting.

"I can…not sleep." I sounded lame, even to my own ears.

He leaned closer towards me. "Did you want to bet on that?"

The fireworks started.

"You and me, first person asleep loses."