Her soft fragile fingers glistened while she ran them over the woven white dress. It was an inaudible pale sight, not a hint of contrast in this image. Her hair was as well brown yet so white to the naked eye. It was the perfection of a winter wonderland up in the Himalayas but there was no snow blowing in the imaginary harsh breeze.

She ran across the blank canvas, making a soft sound with every footstep and swish of the white dress. However, it was all just an empty white box. So vacant, she felt dizzy in a matter of seconds.

But, there was a sudden beam of bright light. It was the most blinding thing her eyes have ever set on. Its luminescent colors of yellow, lilac and emerald played along the sides of her hand as she covered her eyes from gazing at it too much. Yet, it was a beautiful and radiant sight any human being could encounter. One would just want to touch, to reel in its brilliance and thunder. The only thought was replaying itself in her mind: does she go toward its luminosity or stay behind in the blank canvas? Was she ready, to engorge such picturesque power? She took a step closer, raising her fingers, such a nail closer to its feel.

She stopped and backed her pale feet as an image ran through her mind. One of which was her, a little child with golden brown locks in the arms of a man and a woman. A gift lay open with a teddy bear's head popping out of the pretty bow and wrapper. Oh, the glee from her expression made her smile and made her wonder. Suddenly, it rearranged to an image of her intertwining her fingers with a sturdier pair of hands, and kissing a boy and having the sensation run through her body.

The light was tempting; she could feel the happiness grazing her skin and problems beginning to fade into eternity. She knew she had to just touch the colorful light and it will all happen. But, she couldn't. She missed the images running through her mind, and as she stepped forward, each image was erasing itself like a transparent work of art. Her feet stopped moving as she made her decision. She was not going to touch the extraordinary light.

The glow vanished and she was standing on top of a waterfall; a lukewarm feeling on the tip of her nose dancing like her body could sense things again. Color was coming back to this blank canvas, and an invisible force pushed gravity into her, and she fell, she fell, she fell…