Chapter Four:

James' Point of View:

Oh god…I'm dying…

It was only the first day and already I couldn't take it.

The minute I walked into the lecture hall, I found a seat near the back and tried as hard as I could to not doze off. I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. Stupid nerves.

The fact that it was Law didn't make my situation any better. Talking to my older cousins a few days ago, they had told me Law was the most boring thing ever and if they could go back in time, they would've taken something else.

Usually ignoring anyone's advice, I decided to ignore their advice too. Law kind of interested me.

"Hmph." I heard my conscience scoff.

Wait…what? Conscience?

I widened my eyes, brushing a hand through my hair. Oh god. I'm turning into May! I mean, sure, that isn't a bad thing…as long as you weren't training to be a criminal lawyer.

I could just imagine May in a courtroom…bursting out with that loud laughter and her weird quirkiness. I shuddered at the thought.

Who would've thought she could influence me that much?

As I was thinking this, the professor finally entered the room. Too tired to lift my head and look up, I continued gazing down at the table in front of me.

Aughhh….so sleepy…

I could feel my eyelids getting heavy, only to be jolted half awake from the sound of my professor barking at us.

"Listen up everyone!" His deep voice made me jump. Looking up, my eyes widened.

This guy was the last thing I expected for a professor.

And I wasn't kidding. This guy was literally a bull. No, bigger. He looked like he could take on four guys as once.

"Alright, James. Note to self, don't piss him off…" I told myself under my breath.

The lecture hall all of a sudden went very quiet, all attention focused on muscle man here.

"Any one of you who expect this to be an easy course, leave right now!" He boomed.

Everyone stayed planted to their seats.

"I mean it when I say this, but this is not high school anymore. All of you will have to work your butts off if you want to pass my class! Being lazy won't get you by at all." He stopped to take a breath. "Last year, I had to fail half my class. And you know why?" Pause. "Because they thought THIS WAS A JOKE!"


"Well let me tell you all something." Finger point. "This class is no joke. Law is no joke. So all of you who are looking for an easy short cut better go drop out of this course right now, because in my class…there are no shortcuts."

What a jerk.

I rolled my eyes and squirmed a bit in my chair. This felt like the first grade all over again. What was with this guy?

I looked back up to stare at said jerk, who was now beet red from his little rant. I glanced around the room to see that it a bit emptier than I remembered. I grimaced, looking back at the professor.

Good job, asshole. Scare the shit out of everyone on the first day.

I sat back in my seat.

Well this was going to be a fun.

Half an hour into the lecture, I had continued to doze off for the rest of the class. The professor, whom I shall continue to call muscle man because I didn't care enough to remember his name, continued to rant about why people should drop his class.

This guy seriously had some problems…

But then again, I wasn't one to talk considering I was having problems myself-ones which included my sleep deprivation.

I started to nod off once again, only to hear the lecture doors open and a light set of footsteps rush in.

"Late on the first day?!" Muscle man demanded.

"I'm sorry!" I heard a girl's voice squeak. "I didn't know that-"

"I'm sure you know that in a real court room, they wouldn't stand for tardiness." The professor continued.

"Yes, but-"

"Go take a seat. You've disrupted the class enough as it is!"

I could hear the girl scramble up the stairs, trying to find a seat. Exhausted, I didn't even bother surveying the scene, trying as much as possible not to fall asleep.

Soon, the girl seemed to walk in my direction and take the seat next to mine.

A few minutes after the girl's interruptive entrance into class, things seemed to quiet down. That is, until said girl started talking to herself beside me…

"Shit!" I could hear her whisper to herself. "Shit shit shit!" She continued to go on like this for the next few minutes. "I'm such an idiot!"

…Great. I sighed inwardly. What did a guy have to do to get a decent sleep around here?

"Crap. Shit. Noooo!" She continued spazzing. "Blerghshit!"

What the hell?! This girl was seriously mental.

Suddenly, she started poking my shoulder. "Hey!" She hissed.

Aw man, I seriously didn't want to deal with this right now. Maybe if I ignored her…she'd go away?

I could hear the girl sigh beside me, only to continue poking my shoulder. "Hey!" She said a little louder.

Just a bit longer James…

"Hey!" Poke. "I'm talking to you!" Poke. Poke.

I was starting to lose my patience. What was this girl's problem?! I tried to shut my eyes tighter and continue my previous tactic. Give it another minute, James…

"That's it." The girl all of a sudden started a massive poking fest, pushing her finger against my shoulder, arm, stomach, back and head. I could not take it anymore.

"WHAT?" I thundered, jumping out of my seat. "WHAT THE EFF DO YOU WANT?"

"Eep!" The girl shrunk back into her chair, and I could feel the entire lecture room grow quiet. I dared to look at the professor, who glared in my direction.

"SIT DOWN, PLEASE!" He bellowed, causing me to quickly plant my behind back into my chair.

"Sorry." I muttered while he went back to his speech. Little by little, pairs of eyes moved from me back to the front of the room.

Sighing, I could feel the pokes of the girl beside me once again.

"What do you want?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Sorry." She bit her lip and looked into my eyes. "Um, can I-" She suddenly stopped, eyes growing wide as she stared at me.

"…what?" I questioned her, only to be met with silence.

What the hell was this girl's problem?!

"Hello?" I frowned, only to have her continue staring at me. I looked back at her, finally surveyed her for the first time. I raised an eyebrow. For some reason, this girl reminded me of someone. Golden, curly locks of hair, dark blue eyes, a splash of freckles across her face…who was this girl? I snapped out of my daze, remembering how oddly she was acting.

"What do you want?" I asked again, only to have her blink back at me.

I shifted in my chair uncomfortably. I hated it when people stared at me. It made me extremely self conscious.

"Um…is there something on my face?" I asked, paranoid of having a piece of this morning's breakfast still stuck on my cheek. I proceeded to feel around my face, not being able to find the offending particle of food. That's odd…

I sighed again, continuing to feel around my face, mumbling to myself. "Maybe it was the jam this morning…oh god, I knew I should've stuck with cereal!" I paused, licking my lips, remembering my favourite cereal. "Lucky charms…yum." I then stopped, realizing how odd that must have sounded. I slapped a hand to my forehead. "Oh god, I'm turning into May!"

I stopped my rant to notice that the girl was still staring at me!

"Can you stop staring?!" I demanded.

Finally, this seemed to get through to the girl. "I, uhh…" She shook her head. "Oh yeah, sorry. I just wanted a pencil."

"I don't have one."

"Oh…" She stared at me again.


"Um…do you know who I am?"

"What? No!"

"Are you sure?"


I grimaced, only to see her start pulling her own cheeks and mushing her face together into different expressions. "How about now?" She wiggled her nose. "You sure you don't recognize this birthmark?" She pointed underneath her chin.

"No!" I widened my eyes. What the hell was wrong with this girl?

"Are you sure?!" She pressed on.

I paused for a second, also getting that feeling that I did somehow know her from somewhere. ...But where?

"Are you some kind of celebrity or something?" I proceeded to say. "Sorry if you are. I don't really watch MTV all that much…"

"No!" At that moment, she grabbed my face with her hands, literally causing me to jump. "Why won't you remember me?!"

I forced her hands off my face. Alright, James. Time to set her straight.

"Oh yeah, now I remember you." I lied.

"Really?!" She looked hopeful.

"Yeah. I think I saw you on Cops last week." I stated, causing her face to fall. "That drunk lady, right? You on parole now?"

"Ugh!" She growled, turning away from me and putting her head on her desk.


The girl started muttering angrily, although I couldn't really hear what she was saying.

Whatever. Note to self: avoid this girl at all costs.

For the rest of the class, the girl continued to mumble angrily with her head down and as soon as we were dismissed, I darted out of my seat; thankful that I wouldn't have to deal with that girl anymore. Once I got close to the exit, I paused to look around the almost empty room. Wow. It seemed a lot bigger than before it was full of people.

Just then, I caught the eye of the girl who stood at her desk, glaring.

Oh shit…

I started backing out of the room, all the while the girl starting to briskly walk down the stairs, her eyes still on me.

Panicked, I raced out of the room, only to hear her footfalls behind me in the hallway. I turned to see that she was slowly gaining distance.

Son of a-

I got to the end of the hallway, darting into another corridor just as the girl approached me. Unfortunately, this hallway led to a dead end.


I turned around just in time to see her standing a few meters in front of me with her arms crossed over her chest in dismay.

"How dare you?"

I blinked. "Huh?"

Her eyes narrowed, blue orbs burning with the fires of hell. "YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME!?"

"Uhh…" I fumbled. "…No?"

"…I'M CECILIA SUMMERS!" She stomped her foot and pouted.

I backed away, staring at her. "Wait a minute." I paused. "…Summers? Pouty face?"

Her face lit up as she waited in anticipation for me to continue.




Cecilia's expression changed into one of confusion. I took this chance to make my get away. I ran past her, into the main hallway as fast as I could; only to hear her charging at me from behind.

"HEY!" She screamed as she jumped on my back.

"Whoa!" I lost my balance as I toppled forward, arms flailing in every direction. This is gonna hurt…

The girl and I ended up in a messy heap on the ground. I had half a mind to spazz at her, but stopped as I heard her sobs.


She continued to cry without saying anything, which made me a lot more nervous.

Damnit, I wish I wasn't so claustrophobic…

"Hey…" I started. "I'd comfort you but you're kinda sitting on me…"


"So…if you could get off-"

This caused the girl to sob even louder.

"YOU'RE SO MEAN!" She hiccupped. "I never-" Hiccup. "..forgot about you!" Hiccup.

"Um…Cecilia? Stop crying?"

Cecilia continued crying, but finally managed to get up off me. I quickly rose to my feet, just to catch more tears flowing down her cheeks.

"I'm…sorry for bothering you…" She whispered. "I must've got the wrong person…" She turned away from me.

"Uhh…" I stared as she started to walk away.

No…this wasn't right. I couldn't shake the feeling that I did know her from somewhere.

…But where?

Then, it hit me. How could I forget?

Just before Cecilia was about to walk off, I grabbed her arm.

"Hey, wait a minute…" I pulled her back towards me and turned her around.

"…" She stared at me.


"So when did you come back?"

Cecilia and I were seated in the living room of our…Cindy's house.

"Couple days ago." She smiled, then turned her head to look at Airadi who was staring blankly at a wall. "Uh…is she okay?"

"Oh, she's fine." I replied. "She does that sometimes."

"Yum." Airadi mumbled.

Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "…Right. So, I meant to ask, how are you lately?"

"Oh, I'm fine. High school was a bit of a bore, but it was…interesting."

"So…" Airadi spoke up. "What do you think of the sun rising in the east?"

"WHAT?" Cecilia cocked an eyebrow.

"Don't you watch any spy movies?"






Airadi stood up, staring pointedly at Cecilia. "You're boring. I'm getting some Lucky Charms."

Cecilia turned towards me, a puzzled expression written across her features. "I think you should get her checked."

"Oh no, she's fine." I grinned. "Airadi's just awesome like that."

"You call that awesome?"

"Of course. What else could it be?"

"Um, I dunno. Maybe mental?"

"Oh, no. That's anything from what she actually is…"

Suddenly, there was the piercing sound of shattering glass coming from the kitchen.

"DOWN WITH THE VIKINGS!" Airadi screamed from the kitchen.

"Well, Monica's not going to be very happy…" I stated.

Cecilia shuddered. "I'm scared…"

"Don't worry! She's harmless!" I paused. "Well…as long as you don't get her mad."

"What gets her mad?" Cecilia asked and flinched as another crash came from the kitchen.



"Oh, just some psycho girl."

"I'VE GOT YOU NOW, YOU WORTHLESS VIKING!" Airadi shouted once more.

"…and apparently Vikings."

"Well, I wouldn't want to dress up as a Viking for Halloween then." Cecilia said.

"Haha, don't worry. I'll protect you!" I chuckled.

"Oh yea, that reminds me," she looked around nervously.

"Huh?" I asked stupidly.

"I've given this a lot of thought," she played with the hem of her shirt, "I think we should get back-"

At that moment, Airadi walked in with a bowl of Lucky Charms, grumbling angrily about Vikings.

I laughed loudly, just as we heard the front door opening. May and Monica walked into the living room, dumping their bags on the floor.

"Hey, welcome home." I stood up and pulled Cecilia to her feet. I smiled at them and gestured towards her.

"Guys, meet Ceci."

May widened her eyes, pointing at Cecilia. "…POCKY GIRL?"

"Uh…" Cecilia scratched her head. "Epic win girl?"

I looked between the two strangely.

"Oh!" Monica grinned. "Small world, eh?"

"Wait a minute." I cut in. "You guys know each other?"

"Yeah!" May piped up. "Remember? New friend. I was trying to tell you about her after shopping when you and Matt were playing video games."

"Uh…" I stared at her blankly, wracking my brain for any memory of the sort. "Nope."

"Ugh." May frowned. "You're so hopeless!"

"So, you guys know each other too?" Monica questioned.

"Yeah!" Cecilia exclaimed. "Me and James went to school together before I moved."

"Right." I spoke up. "Since you guys seem to know each other already, I guess introductions aren't needed."

"No, wait!" Cecilia looked at me. "I don't really know their names."

"Oh. Well, these are my friends May and Monica." I turned to the duo and noticed that Monica had a funny expression on her face. I decided to ignore it for now.

"Hey, Ceci!" May said suddenly, grabbing Cecilia's arm. "Wanna see how disgusting your friend has become over the years?"


May pulled her along, heading towards my room.

This can't be good…

I followed them to see what havoc May would cause now…

I walked in, just as May started jumping on my bed.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

May smirked. "Isn't it obvious? I'm jumping." She rolled her eyes. "Gosh, you can be so slow sometimes."

"Look who's talking!" I hissed.

"Well, at the moment, it's you."

"That's it! Go back to your room!"

"You're not my mommy! Make me!"

"Fine. I will." I walked over to the bed, and threw May over my shoulder.

"Hey!" May pounded on my back. "Let me down, you barbarian!"

"Make me!" I mocked her voice as I walked out of the room.

"You're mean!" She whined, but stopped pounding my back.

After a few minutes, I returned back to my room; where I found Cecilia deep in thought..

"Sorry about that."

Cecilia didn't reply.

"Uh…" I made my way over to her and waved a hand over her face. "Ceci?"



"Huh?" She shook her head and turned her attention towards me. "Oh, hi."

"You okay?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine."

"Anyways," I sat down beside her on the bed. "What did you wanna tell me earlier? You want to go back where?"

"Oh," She waved a hand dismissively and smiled. "It's not important."


"Well." She suddenly stood up. "Thanks for having me over. I got to get going now."

"What? But it's only been an hour."

"Yeah, but I got to get started on my homework. I have a lot."

"…On the first day?"

"From summer school." She said quickly. "You know what I mean?"

"Not really….no. But, okay. Do you want me to walk you home?"

"Sure!" Her face lit up. "Let me just grab my stuff."

Cecilia and I made our way downstairs, but just before we left I popped into the kitchen.

"Monica, I'm going to drop Ceci off. Save me dinner!" I frowned. "Matt ate my pork chop last night!"

"Yeah, yeah." Monica grumbled. "Gosh you two are like little children…" She looked at Cecilia. "Bye, Ceci!"

"Bye! Thanks for having me!" Cecilia said.

"No problem. HEY, MAY!" Monica suddenly shouted. "CECILIA'S LEAVING!"


"Um…okay?" Cecilia raised a brow and turned towards me. "She has plants?"

"Cactus garden." I confirmed. "I tend to avoid it at all costs."

"Well then…should we leave?"

"Sure. Let's go."

The walk to Cecilia's house was surprisingly very quiet. It seemed that the entire time, she had something on her mind. But, I decided not to press her for it. After all, she'd just come back.

Finally, we arrived at her house, which was a small bungalow a couple blocks away from us.

"Thanks for today." Cecilia smiled gratefully. We had just stopped by the front gate.

"No problem?" I said, unsure of whether or not she was being sarcastic. "It was nice seeing you again."

"You too."

"Yeah. You should come over more often. Monica cooks well."

"I think I will." She started to open the gate, only to pause for a moment. She turned back to face me. "Hey, James?"

"Yeah?" I turned around.

Before I knew it, Cecilia leaned towards me, pressing her lips against my cheek.

"Bye!" She yelped and ran inside quickly, leaving me dazed on the sidewalk.

…What just happened?

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