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I'm not sure if I was sleeping, or what but I didn't dream so I couldn't have been sleeping.

I felt someone's arms holding me gently, and I herd a distant mumble and my name being called.

But I couldn't move. I couldn't speak, I couldn't even see.

I felt a soft warm hand brush against my cheek, then I clearly herd Alexandre's voice, so I tried with all my willpower to wake up.

Finally I opened my eyes, and was looking at a blurry image of Alexandre's gorgeous eyes.

"Lex, Lexi?! Can you hear me babe?" he said, locking his eyes with mine.

"Murgh." I mumble, not able to forum words.

"Vin! She's awake!" Alexandre called looking back behind him.

"Thank god." Vincent sighed, then appeared beside Alexandre.

Alexandre carefully help me get into a sitting position, then Vincent sat beside me and let me lean against him.

"Lexi, what the hell happened back there? You've been out for almost two hours.." Alexandre said, worry in his voice.

"I-I don't know... the last thing I remember was leaving the room, then I felt as if some invisible thing rammed into me. I couldn't breath, then I just collapsed. The last thing I remember was you calling for Vincent.."



"The barrier just hit something." Skyler said, looking up at his grandmother.

"Call the girl." The old woman said, her voice almost a whisper.

"Alexandria? Why?"

She looked him in the eye.

"Call the girl." she repeated once more, then went back to what she was doing.


"Ask her if she's okay." she interrupted him, not looking up from her knitting.

"Why wouldn't she be–" Suddenly there was this pain in his chest, then his head. "No.." he breathed.


I had fallen asleep, my head resting on Vincent's lap, I half heard them whispering, I was almost asleep.

Then, my phone started playing 'Breakeven' which is Skyler's ringtone.

I didn't have enough energy to sit up and answer, though I wanted to bolt upright and answer so badly, but I just couldn't.

Alexandre knew where my phone was, so he reached into my left pocket and answered the phone.



"Aye Skyler."

"What are you doing with Alexandria's phone?"

"Uh, she's exhausted and sleeping, so I answered it for her."

"I need to talk to her. Now."

Alexandre sighed, then looked at Vincent, who nodded then gently shook my shoulders and helped me sit up.

"It's Skyler. He said he needs to talk to you, now." Alexandre mouthed to me, then before handing me my phone he stood up and helped me up.

I was a little wobbly, but I took the phone and walked over by a tree and sat down leaning up against it.

"Alexandria, baby are you okay?"

I thought for a second, if I lied, he'd know. So I'm better off just telling him the truth.


"Tell me everything." he said, his voice getting softer.

I hesitated.

"Love, I promise I won't get angry, I just need to know what's going on."

I sighed and took a deep breath.

"Alexandre, Vincent and I..snook into your house, because I was curious about that room on the fourth floor..." I trailed off.

"Wa–how did you break through the door's barrier?.. babe, I've done all I can here, I'm coming home. I love you." he said, worry now in his voice, then he hung up.

I walked back up the stairs to my tree house where Alexandre and Vincent had brought me.

They both looked up at me, as I stood in the doorway.

I walked over and stood between where they were sitting, then I collapsed onto the floor with a light 'thud' and laid my head on Alexandre's lap.

I looked up at Alexandre.

"He's coming home.." was all I managed to say before I fell into a deep dreamless sleep once more.