Since I've joined this site I've discovered that I really like writing. I write every day now, by my own conviction, when a year ago it would take a helluva lot of bribery just to get me to write a single sentence. Scratch that, it would take the threat of fiery napalm death just to get me to put my pen to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard, whatever. Napalm's still scary).

And to be honest, like a lot of people, I like talking about myself. So I think it's time I write about my self.

Hopefully the following pages are a bit less egotistic and a little more funny and interesting. I'm not making any promises, though.

Whenever something interesting happens in my life I might put it down, but I have to say it right now, it's not always going to be giggles and crazy times. I don't live on the funny farm, after all (although it does feel like it when I go to visit my extended family).

Here we go. Welcome to my life.