It's mid-April now and I haven't written in this a long time.

A teacher got arrested last month, but it seems inconsequential now. I don't even really care anymore.

Today was a good day and a bad day.

The Junos are coming up, so we had some local music talent perform at the school on Tuesday. One of the artists was this young guy named Blair Goudie. He seemed really nice, really funny. He let us (the audience, which was kind of small) play with his Auto-Tune machine. He also let us record some sounds on a preexisting track of his, which was cool. The whole thing was pretty fun and I got to miss what would be an otherwise boring English class. (He also gave me a sticker with UFOs on it, which I think is pretty awesome.) Also, a kid in my Math class used Blair's guitar to sing his own original song. This kid is always singing well-known songs, but I had no idea he wrote his own. It was a good song, too, I was really impressed.

That was the good bit. The bad bit involves some news I received Tuesday night.

My mom told me that my grandfather is dying. Pneumonia. But he was already sick for a few years. They're making arrangements to bring him back to his hometown so he can be buried when he dies. I'm a little bit angry. I feel like I didn't get to spend enough time with him – and now this is it. The end. I'll never get to hear him laugh again. I don't want to forget his laugh.

I love my grandfather more than words can possibly convey.

I've been far too negative lately. I promise I'll start focusing on happier things soon. I just need to deal with this first.