My Family

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Chapter 1: Hello Summer

Alright, so I admit it. My family's pretty weird. But maybe that's just because it isn't the typical definition of a family. See, I'm an only child, and my parents died. Yeah, you've heard that before. Fortunately, it was when I was eighteen, and I just automatically inherited the house and stuff. They were pretty normal. It's just my second...well, I call them family, that is weird.

My parents were only children as well, coincidentally enough. Lonely, got married, had me. You get the picture. I was pretty lonely there for a while, too, after they died. A loner by nature, I actually got lonely. You see, being a loner and stuff, I didn't make many friends at college. I'm not handsome, at least I don't think so, I'm not one of the popular guys, or anything. Not really a nerd, but not the jock-type, either. Just kind of the background. Yeah, I've never felt like I belonged, either. Anyway...

The first day of school, any kind of school, can be disorienting at best. I happened to have a cruddy nose my first day of college in a town I'd only lived in a few months, well actually since moving right after graduating high school, and besides that, losing my parents a month after we moved. A lot of things crashing down on me at once. This was not my life. If I chose a life, I'd pick one where there was no such thing as college (see, I had to go because of this stupid trust fund thing in my parents' will), cruddy noses, or dying people.

Anyway. I managed to make it through until lunch, using up almost every tissue box I saw. But lunch was when the real trouble started.

I went out into the crisp autumn air and sat against a tree in the yard, opening my sack lunch. All by myself, yes. I busied myself opening my bottle of juice which was being troublesome, and when I looked up, I was no longer alone. A boy sat across from me. A pretty boy, by anybody's standards. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay, but he was pretty. Fine-featured, he had pale skin, obviously dyed black hair (with sparkly silver streaks), short in the back and long in the front, hanging over it like it was too much trouble to push away. Pretty, dark reddish-pink lips (natural, I thought...but couldn't be sure), large but not overfull, with an adorable loop over the left bottom edge. Large drown-yourself violet eyes, rimmed in black eyeliner. Two loops in each ear, plus a cartilage piercing in the left. He wore a long, black and white striped shirt under a huge black t-shirt with some design in flashy silver paint, a black leather miniskirt, rainbow striped tights, and huge black clunky boots. Oh, and each fingernail was a different color of the rainbow.

He sat there staring at me until I couldn't help but ask, "Do you speak?"

His face became animated and he smiled widely and he moved to sit next to me, as in...touching me. That close. He even put his arm around me. "Hi! Is it OK to talk? I guess it is if you wanted to know if I could. I can, you know, but I don't want to bother people. I'm Summer Raine, yes that's my real name and I like it. What's your name? Where do you live? We're gonna be great friends, I just know it!"

"Um..." I moved away a little, and he followed. At least he dropped the arm, though he rested his hand on my thigh and I wasn't sure which was worse. "I'm Cody Starr. I live in town," I managed.

"Oh, not in the dorms." Red lips formed into a pout. "I was hoping we could be roommates. Wouldn't that be so much fun? How long have you been here? I've never seen you before. In town, I mean. How long have you been in town? I've grown up here."

"Um...a few months. It's a big town." I reached for my lunch and took the sandwich out of the bag.

"Sandwich, how...common. How utterly predictable. Um, what kind is that?"


"My favorite! You're an angel. No, I bet your angel was looking out for you and told you to bring liverwurst just so you could share with me! I know it! May I have a bite?"

Without waiting for an answer, he leaned over as I had it to my mouth, brushing his cheek against mine as he took a bite. I could only stare as he closed his eyes, savoring the taste. Weirdo, I thought, raising my eyebrows. "Alright, so what do you have?" I challenged, expecting fast food or something...anything other than what he showed me. Although I should have known.

Out of his huge black backpack he brought out a little pink box. Hello Kitty. How cute.

"It's a bento box!" he said brightly and opened it.


He shoved it at me. "Wanna taste? I made them last night. I love sushi for my lunch but I love liverwurst more. I have sushi like, all the time, but my mom won't buy liverwurst. She says it makes her sick."

I took one eagerly and ate, probably looking much like he did with the liverwurst.

"Wanna trade?" he asked when he saw the expression on my face. "I mean, I like sushi and all, but we can trade if you want it." I nodded and handed him the sandwich and took the pink Hello Kitty box.

He was actually quiet as he ate beside me, almost leaning against my side. It actually wasn't too uncomfortable; I missed human touch. I didn't even have a pet, and suddenly thought about why it hadn't even occurred to me to get one.

He wolfed down that sandwich and pawed through my bag to see if there were any more, and ate the remaining two. "Boy, those were good!" He dug through his bag and produced a bottle of Coke, which he drank with as much gusto as he ate. He drank half before setting it down, wiping a drip off his bottom lip. "Guess what I have for dessert!"

He actually waited for me to reply, but when I said nothing and shrugged, he reached back into his bag and pulled out another, smaller, pink Hello Kitty bento box. "More sushi?" I couldn't help asking.

Grinning widely (he had a nice smile, too...all straight teeth, beside his left eyetooth which was slightly crooked, and actually added to the effect) he opened it up and showed me the contents.

" the world...?" It looked green, whatever it was, and like no fruit I'd ever seen.

"Avocados!" he squealed, and I could hear the double exclamation points. "My mom knows I love them, so she buys them. She won't buy liverwurst but she'll buy avocados and I adore avocados." Apparently, it was two halves of an avocado. He picked one half up in his fingers and offered me a bite. I accepted—he hadn't eaten any yet, so it was safe—and it was good. I chewed and thought about the flavor, and the smooth texture, when I heard a hum. I looked over at Summer; his eyes were closed in bliss as he ate the avocado half and hummed happily. What a weirdo. I laughed a little and he opened his eyes and looked at me, a little surprised, then laughed too and offered me the other half. I ate half of it and gave the rest to him. He ate it much less...erotically?...than the first half. Certainly less noisily.

When he was all finished, he packed up his stuff, talking all the while, then abruptly said "Oh, I gotta go! Thanks for sharing your lunch, see you!" dropped a kiss on my hair (wtf?) and was gone. I took a deep breath and collected myself before gathering up my garbage and heading off to my next class.

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