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"Can you believe it, Airi?" A short petite girl asked as she caught up to her friend.

The other girl looked annoyed, this had been the fifth time her friend had asked her this, "No."

The smaller girl looked confused, "But, the school top said so, and they never lie, and you said yes last time I-"

"Sarcasm Katie." Airi replied cutting her off, as she opened the door to their dorm.

Katie looked confused for a second, followed by a 'Oh'. "But the prince is coming to school here! I'm so excited... he's supposed to be a really good at acting and reading out plays. And he's a good fighting athlete. And he's cute- no... more like-"

"I really don't care." Airi sighed, flopping onto the bed. She had a bad day, no doubt. Mostly started by her hair color, a light green, native to her land Atare. Of course, she wasn't the only one with a different hair color from the Fetakiains, which was varying colors of red. Take Katie, who's hair was a purple, just like most people from Watrii. And she had seen blonde's, from Keylie. The different hair colors stuck to their own and weren't very sociable with others, or like Katie and herself, were shunned, teased, and occasionally, hurt. The royals also had different hair colors. But that didn't matter as much to Airi right now, because a royal was causing all this drama with the school and Katie. While she loved Katie to death, her friend was a bit eccentric, dramatic, and imaginative. Very very imaginative.

"Well, I'm going to go see him come in. You never know," Katie looked dreamily at the wall, "awesome things might happen. And while I'm doing that, you should at least try and use your powers."

That was the other thing about Katie. She believed that they were one of the four elementals. Airi shook her head, "We're not the 'saviors' or crap. Just two girls who really don't belong here."

"They why'd you move here?"

"Doesn't the prince come like, soon?"

Airi's tactics of distraction worked. "Oh my gosh! Your right!" She put on a hat, and was out the door in a flash. She yelled from down the hall, "See you soon! I'll get an autograph for ya!"

Airi looked at the door for awhile in silence, remembering why she moved here. Mostly because Atare was turning into a wasteland. Not the land itself, but the people. Everyone was either zombie-like or a murderer. In Fetakia at least something alive that wasn't over the top brutal was happening. Even now, all you'd here about is the killings in Atare. The whole world was about to go to war, and Atare was already in a war against itself.

Where were the elementals when you needed them? They were supposed to have all been born now. And fix the world. Make it happy and peaceful, and all lovey-dovey, right? So why weren't they doing it? If they had done that, maybe her mom wouldn't be dead and her dad be in the militia right now, probably dead too. So many problems with this world. And not enough people willing to fix it.

After Zain had gotten his mission, it finally crossed his mind that he actually might have to kill innocents. Or at least unsuspecting kids. Two people at the main school, ages 5-21 he was supposed to "dispose of." They poised a threat to Fetakia's goals of the world. His job would be to locate, identify, and kill them. This meant enrolling in the main school, which meant a lot of other things for him. None all that pleasant.

He had meant to try to get in the school unsuspectingly. But some idiot found out and told everyone, so now kids ages 5-21 were waiting outside the school to welcome him. Perfect.

Zain jumped down from his horse, a black stallion, in front of the crowd. Zain blinked hard at how many people seemed to be there. Mostly Fetakiain's stood before him, but kids from other lands were also there, equally excited. "Um, excuse me." He said, trying to pick his way through the crowd. This did not work very well, as people surrounded him quickly, taking pictures, wanting autographs, or just wanting to touch him. Crap.

Katie immediately saw the problem, and pushed her way through the crowd. She took off her hat, and after several shoves and harsh words, she reached the prince himself. Katie stood with awe for a moment, before she was again shoved. Katie grabbed the young princes arm, and shoved the hat on him. He seemed to know what she was doing, because he let himself be dragged. Soon, more of less, both were out of the mob and in one of the smaller hallways.

Katie watched as he straighted up his appearance, and look up at her. "Thanks," he started, sticking out his hand. Katie took a step back and shook her head, "I couldn't possibly..."

While Zain looked confused, someone called out, "Hey look! It's water girl from waterworld. Ooo hoo. She picked up the prince!" The boy reached them with a mean look, sneering at Katie. "Look your highness," he said, addressing the prince, "she's a flea. A mere pest on this world. You shouldn't have to be in her presence," He also, grabbed him by the arm and led him away. Katie just looked after in shock.

"He's not that bad, actually, he's nice." Katie was telling Airi, a couple hours later over a cup of tea.

"Yeah, and I eat puppies. Katie, no way can a royal be nice, it's just not-"

"Stereotype!" Katie interrupted, "He almost shook my hand! Me! No way if he was mean would he have done that! You know, 'cause I'm the most loved girl in the school and all."

Airi silently agreed with her friend. Neither of them were wanted here. "I just think somethings fishy here, that's all."

"You're always so negitive."

"You're always so positive."

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