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I'm not listening, I'm not caring, this is stupid, go away...

Airi chanted inside her head, as she covered her ears and looked up at the clock longingly, waiting for the class to start.

Plays had always been her favorite class. She loved the feeling of freedom as she acted out and recited one of the ancient plays that the decent kings and queens used to listen too. She loved the applause of everyone, because no one could deny she was one of the greatest actors in the school, even though those who disliked her for no reason. Other kids she could connect to where here also. The other outcasts...

Of course, it had been her favorite class until today, when he walked in, Airi saw her day go down the drain.

Everyone crowded around the prince, firing questions about why he was here, and all that other stuff.

Faintly, she could here him say, "Um, excuse me, I have to..."

Finally, he got his way out of the mob, and in front of the teacher, Ms. Roth. Airi saw him panting as he asked her something. Ms. Roth looked confused, but nodded.

Airi rolled her eyes and looked away. Even the teachers were kissing up to him!

The bell rang, shrill and loud, sending everyone running to their seats.

This was going to be a long day.

Zain had asked his Plays teacher to do a show for the school.

Sure, he loved acting, but this show was more for than just that.

Not wanting to say no to him, she said yes.

Everything was going perfectly for him.

Katie an Airi sat on the bright grass during their break. Katie was chewing on her pencil, trying to finish the homework she had to turn in for her next class. "So," she said, giving up, "Have you seen him yet?"

"Seen who?" Airi replied, not looking away from her book.

"The prince! Silly."

"Every single person." Airi muttered to herself, continuing to read.

"So, have you?" Katie promoted.

"Yes. He's in my Plays class." And just about every other one, Airi mentally added.

"He actually is very nice." Katie said, picking at the grass. "I really think you'd like him if you got to know him."

"Haven't we already talked about this?"

"Yes but-"


Katie and Airi stared at each other awhile, daring the other to talk.

"Airi, really-"

"Ah." Airi cut Katie off.

"Fine." Katie said shutting her book as hard as she could. "Talk to you later then." Katie got up, and stormed off.

Katie was getting frustrated with her friend. The prince was nice, and Airi was being stupid and stubborn about it. "Hey..."

Katie spun around to see the prince himself standing there, with her hat, smiling, "This is yours?"

"Oh, yeah." Katie replied taking it from him, "Thanks."

They stood in awkward silence for awhile, until he suddenly moved to retrieve something from his bag. "Uh, I'm hosting a play, maybe you want to come?" He pulled out a ticket to it, and handed it to her.

"I'd love to!" She responded surprised. Admit One, To the Gym, Saturday at 8:00, "Thank you, Prince of Fetakia.

He waved, displeased. "I'd rather you call me Zain."

"Oh, okay. Sorry." Katie started speaking in one word sentences.

"I have to go now. Hope to see you there!" He turned around and and looked around, before running up to the building.

"Bye..." Katie grip hardened on the hat and the ticket. "Oh. My. God."

Two weeks later, Zain stood in the gym all dressed up for the play. He walked in and greeted everyone, as the passed through a machine Zain had received from his father. While it looked like a metal detector, it actually processed parts of a person's DNA. A very difficult thing to do, but somehow, his father had done it.

This was how Zain was going to find the two unfortunate kids. He had invited everyone to the school to come.

Or so he thought.

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