Until Death Do We Part

The Book Of Revelations

Chapter Three: Malach Hamavet

It had been a week since my last encounter with a mysterious creature in the subway underneath Chicago's snowy streets. In my layer of sorts, I held a black bound book, and read aloud in the darkness of my abode.

"When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!" I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth." I mused, revelation 6:7-8.

I had been researching the latest events in the city, though they normally did not interest me, I wondered why such a creature of this caliber, were roaming the streets freely. It could only be one thing, one very bad sign.

My eyes and ears were more attentive than usual, and I had been experiencing a strange sensation,

that sensation of being watched, followed, spied upon. You would think, being who I was. I would be more informed about the goings on of heaven and hell.

But no such thing was true, I only had one job. No connections to anything living, dead or otherwise. Though if the ratification of the world were upon us, I would like to know so that I could prepare, and relocate.

Philosophers, good Christians and every one else had been suspecting that judgement was near.

But if this were true, fire would rain from the sky, and the horsemen would keep the balance.

One would often mistake myself for the rider of the pale horse, but such was not the case. We were two very different beings. I for starters, had no interest in bringing the world famine, plague, and destruction.

Though I did want to keep the balance on this earth, between the living and the dead, between belief and fact, I read over the book of revelations in the Holy Bible, trying to find some answers, "It is not, the end of the world." I heard a familiar voice.

My empty eyes darted to a dark corner where I had felt the presence all along. Though it was not who I expected, "Fate?" I asked, I could barely make it out, but it was good at playing hide and seek.

"It is not the end of all humanity, or judgement day." I'm sure it knew that the blank card had been discarded. "Though there will be turmoil, destruction, and pain." His voice was calm, far more serious than our last encounter.

:I still had my pack of cards, I had dealt one to that creature, which he foolishly discarded.

"Give me some answers, I am tired of wasting my time." I demanded, the peculiar entity looked at me as if sympathizing with something.

It held out his hand, and snatched back the deck of cards that were setting on a night stand.

"You will never be ready for what is to come," It said its gangly arms reaching out for me, though I was at too much of a distance for it to touch me.

"Speak now," I demanded. Growing irritated as I have wasted to much time on this goose hunt already.

Perhaps fate was my only ally in this war that seemed to be brewing, "It is time to pick up your dusty weapon." it murmured, I glared, my weapon was only used in times of great need.

"Are we in a war?" I asked. I received no answer from Fate, in his outreached hand appeared my scythe, it was black with the sharpest blade.

"Malach HaMavet. You are hear by called to active duty. Clear these streets of hades creatures,"

I felt a pain in my chest, the scythe glowed and made its self known to me, though it was never forgotten, the shimmering silver blade had seen many horrific scenes, as have I.

Though what was to come was still unknown, creatures from hades were free to roam the streets,

I took my scythe from Fate, and out of all the entities to hand me such a weapon, I wasn't sure what to think, other than my job just got a lot more complicated.

"Malach." Fate said, "Beware,"

I licked my fissured lips and wondered exactly what he meant by that.