To be, live, and think;

To die, of the millions before.

Though, in reflection,

Who will ever know?

Perhaps a great-granddaughter-

'Mom, how did they live like that?'

Or; perhaps; a school paper

-a family tree-

"ancient history",

Is that what it is,

to be, or think

to live never to die?

To think, of this time?

We've seen it all.

Past, present and future;

History repeats.

Sometimes, though;

Is there no progress?

Maybe it happens,

that we live as we lived before,

as we live tomorrow.

Is that all one life?

Life repeats.

Happiness, but

-the hunger of the impoverished-

and a loaf of bread,

a piece of steak,

to whom means so much?

the overindulgence

of those who want

more than the world has to offer.

Happiness indeed.

To have… is to want

to need… is to hope

Hope, the meaning of

happiness true.

Do dreams come true?

Though nightmares;

the soul's secrets;

Did no one ever ask,

if they come true?

falling, falling,

the monster under the bed,

is as real as it can be made.

The truth:

To you,


What is it you want?

Then again,

to seek brings

the realization

there is no answer

and nothing more.

The meaning of life?

of course;

to play Guitar Hero,

and listen to indie hip-hop,

in bed, with

the lights dimmed nearly black.

There is a meaning to that;

so that must be it.

There is a meaning to

a child's fascination

with his (or her)

spinning mobile.

That's it too!

Can it be true:

The existential question

is answered by infinity?

So they say

that every molecule

-or maybe atom-

of the human body

is replaced every

three- or is it ten?

lets settle on eight-


So that must mean-

at 40 years old-

A person has been

not one- but five

people in one lifetime?

It's possible

that we have, perhaps,

even more lives

than allotted to

a cat.

Who knows?