I ran from my Bullying Stalkers once again. They still didn't wanna stop me! It seems like they'll be bullying me forever… I don't even know why they do. I am now on the sixth grade but they still chase the pitiful Carla ~ huhuhT-T..

I ran and ran and now, I'm sooo darn tired. I tripped several times but I must not stop!

Luckily, I found my way into a crowd of giggling girl students. We're in the same uniforms and I'm safer here, I guess.

I looked up to why these girls are giggling and found out it's something about a guy seated on a bench some meters away from the girl crowd, reading something.

"Who is he?" I asked a girl from beside me.

"You don't know him? Oh my gosh! He's Zen Black, the hottest guy in town!"

"Oh," I can only nod my head.


Nice choice of wordings, girlie.

But then the gigglings came into shouts and by that, I know my BS (Bullying Stalkers) have just arrived.

I looked around. A hiding place, a hiding placeˮ but I couldn't find one! Then suddenly, one of my BS recognized me.

"That's her, that's her!" he said pointing at me.

I quickly ran and thanks for the crowd they slowed my BS's moves… or so I say.

I continued running but am now trapped in a corner! They're approaching—nearer and nearer— and there's no way out in here…

That's when a hand grabbed mine and without hesitation, I followed its lead not even looking at the person. I'm so confused I don't know what to do or what I'm even doing. We just continued running until my BS are nowhere in sight.

We finally stopped running, exhausted. And there, I had a glimpse of my savior.




Oh. My. God.

He's the boy on the bench, reading something and giggled by them girls! His hair, long and black was almost covering his eyes. His face was down, not that it was downcast but maybe because he's a serious type. It's their style, you know.

He stood up.


He's tall, huh? And his complexion! It's so white but at least not as pale as mine. His eyes? No way… I couldn't see them but he's wearing a uniform that only belongs to…that only belongs to… that only belongs to the Haploon High! It is a public, government-supported school but almost like private in its high standards and now, knowing that I'm on the very public, not private-looking Viera High makes me wanna bang my head on a wall. I think I like this guy. Hey don't get me wrong. He's my savior after all, so it's normal! How I wish we're on the same school so at least I can see him more often and that maybe we can be friends. But, hey. He's leaving? He was good five steps away from me when I realized it.

"Hey," I finally called out.

He stopped in his tracks but didn't turn to face me anyway.

"Thank you," I muttered.

He just nodded his head and trod off.

I watched his vanishing hot figure and now I know it. I will try my best to get into that Haploon High no matter how hard it may be for me because I, Carla Jane Hopkins, am so desperately- wanna- be with my Saviour, Zen Black.

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