Where are you?

Mummy says you've gone away.

But she wont say where.

She says your coming back soon

But she wont say when.

But I wonder


If you've only gone away

and your coming back soon,

Why does Mummy sit on the bed


Nanna and Grandad and Auntie Beryll

Came over,

This morning.

And Nanna told Mummy that she didnt need you

And Auntie Beryll said she never liked you

In the first place.

Which I thought was rather mean.

And Grandad said you were a

'No good Scalleywag'

But I don't know what that means

I don't think anyone does

To be fair.

So Daddy

I see Mummy's lying

Because your not coming back


Are you?

Why not?

Is it because I was bad?

If you come back,


I promise

To eat all of my carrots at dinner

And to brush my teeth every morning

(I can do it on my own now you see),

And not to go out without telling you

Or Mummy

Because then you know where I am

And I promise,


not to cry

When you smack me

For being such an aweful child.

And waking you up in the night

When I've had a bad dream.

So If I promise that,


Will you come back?

To Mummy and me.

Because you see daddy

I know she's lying

And your not coming back


You didn't kiss me goodbye.