Chapter Fifteen: The Return of Dr. Sexy

On the morning of February 20, 2015, I was awakened with a headache so painful I puked. No. Literally. I threw up several times. And kept on dry-heaving.

Considering I was supposed to be at work in less than an hour, I was quite concerned. My mom called up my brother, told him I was out of commission, and got my butt to the ER. After waiting a million years, and going between wanting to throw up (in spite of the fact that I had no stomach contents) and not wanting to throw up, I finally got seen by the nurse. Blood pressure, temperatures, all the good stuff. Then, I was taken into a room and given a delightful hospital gown.

Luckily I got to keep my batman pj pants on.

Anyway, I was in the midst of attempting to talk to the nurse with my mom answering most of the questions for me since I was so scatterbrained from pain when it happened.

HE walked in.

Dr. Hunter, from the fictionpress story that never happened.

And this time he didn't even have to swab a butt abscess!

Except my happy moment of him asking me questions (with my mom still answering because HI I CAN BARELY FORM A COHERENT THOUGHT OTHER THAN "MAN DOCTOR PRETTY") was cruelly dashed to pieces. How so? By the student nurse sticking a needle in my arm to start an IV. Now, I don't get along with IV s. take my blood all you want, I don't care. But leaving a catheter or whatever the hell it is? It's cause for dire anxiety.

My mom had made the observation that I wasn't bothered by the notion of getting an IV, that's how sick she knew I was. Unfortunately, the notion was easy to deal with. Having a student nurse stick a needle in my arm? Not so much. I ended up in practically a full blown anxiety attack, all while Dr. Hunter and my mother were trying to talk to me about my job or ANYTHING other than the fact that a person was sticking shit into my arm.

The other nurse observing, however, leaned over me and got me to breathe, taking over the situation like a boss. Thank you nurse lady, I'm sorry I forgot your name in the haze of pain and anxiety. You deserve all the medals.

For all my whining, the student actually did a decent job of the IV so I won't hold it against her.

Once that moment passed, Dr. Hunter continued on with his routine, though he dropped a few jokes every now and then to put me at ease. The easy, flirty type of jokes you tell scared people to distract them from bad things and to focus on the good. In my mind, as he was probing my stomach (Crohn's disease is a bitch), all I could think was "WHY AM I HERE WHY IS DR. SEXY TOUCHING ME AM I DEAD WHAT IS GOING ON."

That also might have been because I was going on three hours of severe head pain, I don't know.

Anyway, after his examination, he joked that I was allergic to cats and pointed out I had cat hair on my batman Pjs. He picked off a long white hair off my leg and noted that I had a long hair. I was so out of my mind at this point that I could only laugh and go "Uh, yeah." Mom helpfully supplied the name of my cat, Prince, and Dr. Hunter mentioned he had a cat himself.

After some more chit-chat, in which Dr. Hunter told me "YOU LOOK GOOD" or 'YOU LOOK GREAT" (spoiler, I looked like hell thanks to unwashed messy hair, extremely dark circles under my eyes and bloodshot eyes from crying after the anxiety attack), and that he was confident I'd be feeling better soon once I had some meds in me and went on some antibiotics for a sinus infection (second one in a month, by the way) and that he wanted to make sure I kept an eye on myself since my Crohn's meds suppress my immune system.

With that, he left, and I was FINALLY given the meds, sweet pain meds, and a fluid drip bag thing. They gave me ativan, and once that hit my system, I was off in bliss land. I think Dr. Hunter came back to talk some more before discharging me, but I honestly don't remember (darnit).

Either way, it made what was mostly a wretched ER visit a bit more palatable.

God Bless you, Dr. Hunter the Sexy.

Author's Note: See Chapter 13 if you've forgotten about the first time I encountered Dr. Sexy. It's the same hospital, so I shouldn't have been surprised as I was, but eh, it was a good surprise. I'm doing better, if you're wondering, though still feeling pretty shitty. I'm on like 3 meds and I slept all day when I got home when I wasn't watching Spinal Tap or trying to read (head still aches a bit).