Old House, New House

I moved house again, before the winter came
Wasn't the first time, probably not the last
I surrendered the key, consoled myself saying
"The old house was nothing special
The new house will be even nicer"
I fancy better memories, a new start
on a different side of town
and no heavy lifting because
I hired movers this time around.

The chill seeps into my bones, but that's OK
The new house has electric heaters
That won't cut out as long as you pay on time
The new house is fully furnished and in good condition
I smile thinking about the wreck I left behind
The floorboards creak and the faucets leak
Then I remind myself
That's nothing to smile about
But still I can't bring myself to frown.

I push around boxes, shiver though I should be warm
This new room is emptier than the one I came from
I wonder if anyone will notice
My name I carved in the wood of that old bedroom closet
Maybe I left a piece of myself on purpose
Maybe I never really left at all
And maybe someone will replace me at the end of fall
Still I know it's no consolation to you, old house
You feel betrayed, as the abandoned are wont to do.

A/N: It's not just about moving house.