Water Always Flows Downhill

It began with the rain.
When I was younger and angrier
a little more brash
and a lot less indecisive
I fancied myself a river.
A strong swift current
from the mountains.
Wearing down the rocks
until I got to the valley
where I became less turbulent
with the rock bed waiting for me.
I turned back to rain
and fell in love with a stream.

A/N: The inspiration for this one is kind of weird. I actually got the idea while writing my level III English exam, after reading a poem we had to analyze. I wrote down about six lines on my hand, and hoped that the supervisor didn't see and think I had written cheats on my skin, haha.

C/C, please? :3 By the way, I promise to return all favours! (Uh, why does that sound so wrong?)