Sweet And Bitter

We were sweet and we were bitter.
And when we parted we probably left a few things unfinished
Just like you said we would turn sour someday.
Are you missing the same things I'm missing about you?
The way I'd force my words like honey past my lips, and
You smiling, trying so hard to make me smile too.
But you always thought I was more like hops in the end.
It was never my intention to leave the taste in your mouth.
You were just too sweet not to turn into something rougher.
And maybe it's true you'll remember me like vinegar,
The tartness that still lingers there,
But I'll remember you like red wine on the eve of summer.
A little sweet and a little bitter.

A/N: Hops are used in beer, for those who don't know. They taste sort of bitter and tangy. I wouldn't know though, because I've never eaten hops (do people actually do that?).

Also, 'red wine on the eve of summer' is a line shamelessly stolen from the song San Francisco by Vanessa Carlton. For some reason it really stood out to me when I heard it. And yes, I do like some of her songs.