Lilies & Roses (Summer Memory)

I remember us walking on Maple Street in our bare feet.
There's a picture of you and a picture of me
as we hid in backyard gardens and got lost in the weeds.
We didn't have much to offer, just the lilies and the roses,
the boy and girl ready to take on the world.
Forgot all the others 'cause then we had each other.

But now I remember, August doesn't last forever.
I turned around and the wind took it away from me like seeds from the trees.
Now we're scattered out there somewhere in the fallen leaves.
Maybe if the fall never came I'd still have you and you'd still have me.
Then I could convince myself that September is just a dream.
And one summer day I'd rise out of bed with that first kiss still lingering on my lips.

I wake up when the fall takes over
When the boulevard is empty and the leaves start to change.
We're finding what's left when the innocence is gone and the recklessness fades away.
And though the roses have wilted and the lilies may have died
I can still see them in bloom and still feel your gentle touch.
It's the memories that keep this summer alive.

A/N: I can't remember exactly when I wrote this, but my computer says I created the file on 01/09/2010 . . . makes sense, I guess.

It's another one about growing up and the gradual changes it brings. I think it's very current from where I'm standing right now – everyone's moving away to go to school, or they start working full-time, and suddenly it seems like you never see each other anymore. And one day you stop and wonder whatever happened to all your old friends – and no matter how busy they are, they're probably thinking the exact same thing about you. Heh. Or maybe that's just me? I sure hope not.