Deception, it happens everyday.

Soda commercials, car commercials.

They think they're hip, they think they're cool, their not.

Society, they call me a crazy, they call me a nut job.

Well let me tell you how crazy I really am.

My life was never ordinary.

Despite that I tried to believe everything was ordinary.

I deceived myself.

School was where society fucked me over.

I had only a few friends for every dozen of enemies.

There was my best friends, Solomon Burris and Jei-bo Cauker.

And then there was one other.

Antonius Palver, the strangest man I ever met.

He had a black Cesar hair cut and the beginning of a goatee on his face.

He never spoke that much, he mumbled to himself.

And when he smiled, his smiles were usually wicked.

He was an ant, until we talked to him.

Then he would look up and give us that smile only seen in a horror movie.

He would stare at me while he did it, directly at me.

The red X t-shirt he wore was of his favorite band.

The icon vexed me.

But for some reason, that I couldn't put my finger on why.