Yeah I must be crazy.

Who would choose such a path, one that lead to torture, hell, misery, depression, and death?

No one with a "sane" and "right" mind, that's for sure, only a loon would choose to undergo such things.

Any "sane" person would take the money, if it was waived in front of them, or dress a certain way, to not offend the gods and goddesses of popularity and spite.

But that's not me, that never was, and never will be.

I prowl the streets every night and day, watching, waiting for my time to strike.

To be there when the real people, the people that matter need me, that's the reason I do it.

So I must be insane for that right?

I bet the clinical doctors are gathering their papers as we speak, editing them, revising them, adding all the little notes of symptoms and reactions, prone to my illness.

I bet they're trying desperately to figure it out, so that they can have their names in the record books published all across the globe, and history itself.

But they have a name for people like me, Salinity.

And to be honest, I don't value any other.