theres no point in placing the blame,

stormy character's warm their thoughts in the pouring rain,

whilst others construct the flame,current climate mundaine,

no space left for anything to gain,

but i've seen that look in your eye,

hidden whispers circulate the sky,

so why do we lie upon lie,

when this chance comes once in a life time

my feet pikin up the pace where names were made,with grace gather your hunters crown screaming out for petes sake no one hears a sound they think his tears are the tears of a clown,
globetrotting in torrential snow his nightmares reveal his footprint will never show,
survivers have the answer,
is that my question?, left with the damp feeling of underlying cancer,
her stance as her own swan dancer,
wading through my frozen lakes of discarded love,in this circumstance i'll chance her.