your company is delectable.
like the countless
sugar-coated cookies
out of the oven
and into these lips.
but i'm not sure
how much more i can take.

the first was a gift,
from the gods themselves.
i couldn't be happier.
and then so many cookies followed.
and i was in heaven.
and i didn't know what to do
but to indulge.

but like the umpteenth confection,
you make me
clutch this core
and regret
every moment we spent together.
and yet, you leave me feeling
that it was all worth it.

like the umpteenth confection,
i feel terribly
about what i've done,
and what i've put myself through.
but those moments
of sweetness
were pure bliss.

i love cookies.
but there is only
so much aching
that i can
possibly take
before i stop eating them
for good.