Eye of the Corrupted

I am damaged and unclean.
Forgotten and unseen; who I am meant to be
Could that be all He has seen?
Does He know that all I want is to be free?

Take a hit, take a drag. Feed off the sin.
Carry me home, lift me up, walk in my dreams.
Do not call me love. Do not tuck me in.
Run after me. See me dance, tiptoe on the beams.

Falling; scream for a savior. Blood on the floor.
Healing hands reach for me. Cry and turn away.
Here I come crawling. Will He open the door?
Angry faces. Broken hearts. They do not want to play.

Offer on the table. Bloody thoughts and darker places.
Soul of lead. I sell my temple to the beggar.
They pass by. Golden lies. Cannot bear to see their faces.
Daddy breaks. Cradle empty. We both pull the trigger.

A/N: I suppose you can interpret this in your own way, which is fine. All in all, Daddy's little girl got on the wrong side of the tracks. She wonders if all he sees is the part of her that craves for drugs. He tries to save her, but she turns him away. When she comes back begging for help her family turns her away, sick of her games. Desperate for money, and attention, she becomes a stripper. One night it goes too far. Her family looks at her, disgusted. She's no longer Daddy's little girl. In the end, they both commit suicide.

I think this is my shortest poem, maybe even my first rhyming one as well. Hope you enjoyed it. I'd love to hear you opinion!