Prologue: The Betrayal

For as long as there have been men on the earth there have been werewolves and werewolf hunters. The common enemy for the werewolves was the hunters. Like every hunter stocked their prey this is what the werewolf hunters did. There werewolf hunters would try in every way to find the pure werewolves next to the wolves as they call it. People never truly know how the world runs when it comes to some things they are not sure of.

"My lord, I know where the last female wolf clan is." said a man to a nobleman. "I can tell you that as of right now we have a spy in their ranks." said the nobleman. The two men just happened to be part of the werewolf world. Let's rewind a bit back to the events that caused this very thing to happen.

Werewolf hunters are not always the nicest hunters. They first circle their prey, they then corner them. Before they put the werewolves out of their misery they torment them. They torment the werewolf pack leaders. When they torment, it's not the prettiest sight to see. It kills to explain it. Werewolf hunters are very well built.

Not many men are built for the job. It's more of they are bred for the job as a hunter. It's in their blood not those they really have a choice in the matter. The only way that a hunter can avoid detecting a werewolf is being constantly in their sight.

The life of a werewolf isn't the easiest life but it is one of the best. "Now Sam why is it that you want to be part of this bombardment." said a man to a younger looking man who is named Sam. "I want to be part of it because the urge to hunt them down calls me. I can't fight the urge any longer." said Sam. Sam happened to be a young dashing man of 20 yrs old. To become a werewolf hunter you need to be born of a werewolf and a human. But the only way to be a hunter is to not inherit the werewolf genes. It tends to be the mother's are the werewolves.

When two werewolf hunters meet they tend to make a bond that can last till the problem at hand is solved. Sam managed to be one of those hunters all bound to destroy the pure werewolf race. The sad part about what is to come is a werewolf is the traitor of the whole werewolf race.

"Where are we to meet up with the betrayer of the werewolves?" said a tall black man with stone cold eyes to Sam. "We are to meet him at dawn near the river. He will give us every last location of all the werewolf clans." said Sam to his first in command. "Why is it that you being so in experienced got chosen to lead this raid?" said the first in command who happened to be the black man. "Because I am of two hunter lines and to top it off, I'm in the very beginning stage where the urge is the strongest." responded Sam.

Down by the river Sam and a few of his companions met the werewolf betrayer. The werewolf came in line of sight for the hunters. Sam turns to the werewolf and says, "Do you have the information?" "Yes, I've got it. Now you remember the deal that we have. You'll give me my wife back!" said the werewolf. "You'll get her back she's at the location marked on this map." said Sam as he held up the map and continued to say, "But first the information." The werewolf handed over the paper that had all the werewolf's locations. But before Sam gave the map over he checked to make sure the paper had good information on it. He then gave to werewolf the map and the werewolf took off in search for her.

Little did the werewolf know that, they killed his wife? The one thing about the hunters are they never make promises. That won't change the outlook of the future. Sam is one of the evilest hunters that have ever lived. But no one knew that till the very day all this went down. Sam is very corrupt, his mother and father were killed by a pack of werewolves.

As soon as the hunters got the information they took off to hunt them down. They brutally attacked all the packs. The one pack they couldn't manage to get. The pack was full of all females. The hunters tracked night and day for this one particular pack. Sam was getting very agitated. See all hunters live a second life. Where as Sam he was head cook at a local diner. He knew his boss was a bitten werewolf. He didn't want to cause an issue with him. They found the pack in a nearby forest near Sam's town that he lived in. Little did Sam know that this very pack that evaded him would change his life?

They attacked the female pack. Sam had a sash of bullets that lay across his chest. He was dressed in camouflage as well as his face was painted. All of Sam's men looked very similar to him. Their guns had scopes that would allow them to see in the dark and still aim and shoot. Sam and the hunters surrounded the pack of werewolves while the pack was sleeping.

They all had a clear shot on every single werewolf. The werewolves panicked when they got taken by surprise. A lot of the werewolves stayed to fight. Some ran and scattered and still got killed all but one. Sam and his men never saw the one little pup that got away. They shot all the werewolves. Slowly they went around to each wolf and slit their throats. Broke all their limbs and then ripped out their hearts. This was the one pack that got away from them. It upset them very much, so bad that they took their revenge out on them. We must all focus on the one pup that got away. For this is where our story begins.