Chapter One: The Beginning

Eight year old Kiran was happy with her family. She loved her mom. They were close, not like some of the other kids and their moms. Then one day it all came crashing down. Kiran would never forget that day. It had started with her mom screaming at her to run.

"Kiran run, the werewolf hunters are coming! Get out of here now! I will see you in a little bit, now please go," said her mother. "Mom I don-" Kiran tried to protest, but her mom would have none of that. She pushed Kiran a little to get her moving before interrupting her.

"Now!" her mother yelled. Kiran changed into her red wolf form and ran like she had never ran before. Kiran ran about 3 miles until she came upon a small cave. It seemed to be the perfect hiding spot, so she decided that was where she would hide. In the cave she heard gun fire and howls of pain as they echoed off the walls. It seemed liked the hours dragged on to slow. The day turned into night and then morning, but Kiran didn't sleep. There were still sounds of wolves howling and guns going off, but they were quieter now. Kiran, not able to hold her eyes open or hold her head up any longer. Kiran fell to the ground and slept.

When she opened her eyes the next time she noticed that the gun fire and howls were gone. She ran back to her family pack, trying to see what had become of her family. What she saw almost killed her in every way. Their blood was in the air, she could smell it quiet clearly. Her pack, her family was shot down and murdered and she couldn't understand why. Why them when they were only a female pack. She realized, she might never know, or come to understand it.

Kiran buried her family the best she could with tears rolling down her cheeks and dirt on her face, as she laid their lifeless bodies in the ground. She would never forget the look on her mother's face, was one of pure terror and fright, as she threw the dirt over her lifeless body. That face would haunt her dreams forever. Why didn't she run after her mother? She would regret that decision the rest of her life.

When she was done burying her mother and family, she ran. She ran until her little legs couldn't run any farther. She fell to the ground and wept. She had nothing left, no family, no home, nothing. She was all that was left, a single werewolf pup in the big ferocious world.

It was ten years later and Kiran was now 18. She worked late nights at the local diner. On this night she was about to get off work It was three in the morning, and the diner was as lively as a graveyard. She finished washing the dishes and headed to get her jacket. "I am heading out, see you Monday" she called to a tall giant like figure standing in the freezer. The man turned to her as she was about to leave.

"Oh Kiran I need you to cover Sam's shift tomorrow. His shift starts at one in the afternoon. Can you do that for me?" the man asks her. She nods, not looking very happy with the choice. "Yeah I can do that." she answered in an angry tone. "I mean it's not like I have anything better to do. I have no life." She walked out the back door to the alley, not waiting to see if the man would reply.

"Why is it that Sam always gets his days off and I don't? That just makes me so mad." she exclaimed while walking. Although it was close to four in the morning there were always a few people on the streets. "Man you think these people would want to get some sleep" Kiran was thinking to herself. Four more blocks to go and she would be home. If you call home a broken down apartment that rats live in a home then by all means it's a home. She had put up with it for it was the best she could do at the time, but that didn't mean she had to like it. When Kiran was 17 she moved out of her father's home, the apartment was the best she could do on a waitress's salary.

As Kiran started walking she began to think about that awful day ten years ago. It had all seemed like it happened yesterday. These past few years had flown by it seemed like. Sometimes Kiran thought, what if she were stronger? What if she had helped and not ran away like a coward. Why was she the only one alive today when every one of the other females had been killed? It was confusing on her part, but she was glad to be alive. No one knew where the males were at the time when all the females were being slain. All Kiran knew was that she was the last female of her pack, maybe even the last of the werewolves that is full-blooded I don't know about the bitten ones.

Kiran didn't realize it, but she had walked two blocks while she was thinking about all of this. Kiran looked up at the sky. "Hmm smells like rain is in the air" she said to no one in particular. Kiran walked by one of the many alleys and heard someone talking. It made her stop and think about what to do next. "Do I want to go and see what's happening?" she asks herself. She decided she wanted to and went down the alley. There she found two men, one of which was gorgeous and the other plain. The gorgeous one was sexy in a very unique way.

Kiran smelt the air. There was another wolf here, but she couldn't tell if it was both males, or only one. If it was only one, she couldn't figure out which one it was. She slowly moved down wind. As Kiran looked at the man she saw the other man move closer with some papers in his hands. "Why does he have papers?" Kiran asks herself in her mind. She was confused as to what was about to happen.

"Are those the one my father wanted to give me?" said the sexy man with a strong but angelic voice. "Yes they have the information you need. But we only got a little bit. That's what the guy that gave it to me said." says the second man, looking nervously at the other male. "That will do for me." The first man said, finally looking satisfied with the second man's work of bringing him what he wanted. He stared down at the papers.

"Sir, if I may ask what it is for?" the second man asks before the first guy rudely interrupts him with some of his own words. "Shut up, you don't need to know. Go before I kill you." "Yes sir." the second man says before running away. As if he were a dog with his tail would be between his legs.

Kiran looked back and noticed that they were gone. Kiran quickly left, walking the last block to her apartment. When she got home she did her same normal routine. She went over to her nice entertainment center for some tunes. Kiran loved to dance around her place while she was getting ready for bed; it took work completely off her mind. Kiran went to the bath room and brushed her hair and her teeth. "That reminds me I need to get a new toothbrush soon." Kiran said to herself out loud, "Well I better go set my alarm clock so I can get up for work to do Sam's shift." Kiran walked over to her alarm clock and set it to go off at 12:30 so she wouldn't be late. She turned on her TV and watched some news before heading to bed, even though cops come in to the diner and tell her what's going on anyways.

The next morning, Kiran awoke to the sound of her alarm clock playing 'Can't fight the Moonlight". She looks over to her clock and noticed that it was twenty minutes till 1. She had to be at work at 1. She was going to be late. Kiran jumped out of bed, putting on her work outfit and doing her morning routine. After finishing her routine, she dashed out of the apartment, trying and hoping to make it to work on time.

Kiran got to the diner right at one. It was a close call, one she would try not to make again. "Kiran that was cutting it close." called the tall giant of a man named Jack. "I know Jack." Kiran called back as she got ready to do her job. She put her stuff away in her locker. She then pulled her strawberry blonde hair in a bun then put on her apron before heading out to scan the tables. She walked over to one of the tables where a single man was sitting. She noticed he looked like the man from the alley last night. She went to turn and walk the other way but she needed the money to pay her rent and the man had probably already seen her. She took a deep breath and approached him.

"Hello I'm Kiran and I will be your waiter today, what can I get for you sir?" she asked him. In all honesty, the guy was hot. He looked to be around 6 ft, but Kiran couldn't tell exactly for sure how tall because he was sitting down. He had dirty blonde hair and bluish grey eyes. She could almost lose herself in them. He was buff, but not too muscular. She hated guys that were so muscular they looked scary. He looked kind of familiar, like she had seen him other than last night but couldn't put her finger on it.

"Yes I would like a Pepsi and the steak." he said. She smelt the air and found that this man was a werewolf too. She wrote down his order, stealing glances at him until she noticed he was watching her. She felt herself about to blush, but forced herself not to. "Ok I will be back will your drink and the food will be done in a little bit." Kiran said as she turned to walk away. A hand on her arm stopped her. She turned back to the man as he began to speak.

"Don't you hate the scent of the humans?" he asked. He said it kind of loudly. Kiran glanced around nervously before replying, hoping no one heard him. "I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about sir...and if I knew what we smell like, I wouldn't say something to someone I don't know" Kiran said back. She really had no clue who this guy was and why he was being so friendly with her.

"Well we have to fix that now wont name is Ace nice to meet you Kiran" the man now named Ace said to Kiran. Now that she knew his name she felt that nothing would change. She felt odd around this male wolf and didn't understand why. "Well Ace I have to work so I will be back with your food and drink" Kiran said as she got her arm free. She wanted to get away from this strange man and his strange ways. She quickly left, not letting him have the chance to reply.

Kiran avoided Ace after that. She could sense he wanted to talk to her, but she ignored him. When he had finally left, he left her a small tip. She stuck it in her pocket mumbling to herself, before cleaning the dishes off the table. She was glad to be rid of the strange man.

Ace was all the excitement at work that day. It was about two in the morning when Kiran started her walk home. She looked up to the sky and noticed the moon was almost full. "Hmm looks like I have to call in tomorrow. Oh well I get to go camping sooner," Kiran said quietly to the empty street and neighborhood. No one was out this late at night, well not the normal people anyway.

She got back to her little apartment and fell asleep after flopping down on her bed in her pajamas. The next morning, Kiran called work and took a sick day. She then was found packing to get ready for her camping trip to the closest forest. It was about three miles away. Kiran went out to her old nice black 1949 ford F1 pick-up truck, carrying her luggage. After placing her bags in the back of the truck, Kiran went back in and grabbed her keys. She locked her front door before she walked out to her pick-up and started the three mile drive to the forest.