Chapter Six:

The Pivotal Point

"Kiran are you alright?" states Ace as he walked next to her and sat down on the back steps of the diner. "No, but I'll be fine." says Kiran as she pauses for a minute then carries on, "You want to know what really bugs me, is I don't remember why he left in the first place. And as to why he didn't come back for me and my mom. The fact of the matter is that he never even attempted to get me, in my eyes, and now today the biggest one of all…he comes the day before you guys are taking me back to the wolf fortress. You do know I wasn't kidding about the guys that would be willing to pulverize him." "I know you weren't in fact Charles and Ace would love to give him a run for his money." exclaims Ace with a little chuckle in his voice. "Yeah I know they would." said Kiran with a chuckle.

"Kiran I must admit I was following you guys down here. Before you get mad at me I want you to know that I only did that to make sure you were okay." says Ace. "Yeah I kind of figured as much because I can barely go anywhere without you following Me." says Kiran. At that moment Ace felt the urge to hug Kiran but was afraid to after how many times has she pulled him around. "Um…Kiran I want to give you a hug but I don't know how you would react and I'm not willing to die because of that." exclaimed Ace. Kiran's heart nearly jumped for joy…she doesn't know why or how but she was falling for this strangely attractive guy.

"Its okay you can hug me your not going to break me. After all you were the one who was here when I had a mental break down." says Kiran. "Kiran maybe he did try seeing you he did have the smell of a rouge and those are the lone travelers and they aren't allowed to stay in one spot." said Ace and continued to speak "See no one knew about the attack on your pack I didn't even know and same with my dad…Of course you know that." "Yeah I guess your right, I had no right to lash out at him like I did. But in the heat of the moment I felt like I did." said Kiran.

"I guess your coming without a fight now, huh?" said Ace. "Yup when can we leave?" said Kiran. "Well let me first go tell your boss that you're a horrible wreck and need to go home," said Ace "then we can go!" As Ace went inside to go tell Kiran's boss that she won't be back and that she wasn't feeling well; Kiran was making sure her face didn't look to bad in the side mirror of a delivery truck. Kiran jumped when she heard Ace say "What are you doing now? Don't tell me your worried about your looks after all you just lashed your anger in a public place." when Kiran's face turned red Ace laughed and said "Lets go! And if your boss asked just say I'm your boyfriend." with that they headed back to her place. That's when they found Charles and Ricky sitting outside her front door. "I was wondering when you two would show up." said Charles. "Don't give Kiran a hard time she just had a bad day at work." said Ace.

"Man, Ace that means she's going to kill me." says Charles. "Charles, I told you not to say anything." said Ricky. "Tell me what!" snapped Kiran. "Um…Well some of the girls are missing." says Charles as he crunches down like a dog who knows he did something bad . "Who and where and who do I kill?" says Kiran. "Well everyone but me and Mimi" states Tiara as she walks out of the apartment. "What! How can that be?" says Kiran. "Well from what Mimi said is that a bunch of guys ganged up on them as they were leaving the forest. From what she said there was at least 3 wolves to every one of us girls. I mean were not dealing with a small pack. I think it might be a rise up." says Tiara. "Where's Mimi?" says Kiran. "She's inside trying to cope with the fact she almost got beaten up. If it wasn't for me and Charles and Tiara finding her just in the nick of time…we killed about 3 of them but couldn't find the rest or the girls." said Ricky.

"Kiran just so you know you got this in the mail." says Tiara as she brings the letter to Kiran. Where it reads:

Miss Kiran Knight

We are regret to inform you that the aid you have been received for the last 18 years due to your mothers death, will soon stop. Now that you are older than 18, you will be able to get a job and work for what you need. Now that your 18, we will like to inform you of the bank account your mother put up for you before she died. If you have any question please call us at (899)- 560-1313.


Matt Brown


Kiran turns to Charles, Ace, & Ricky and exclaims "None of this crap happened until you guys came along." "Kiran I swear we didn't bring them with us. So if you say that there was at least 3 to each girl…then there must be at least 21 wolves out there. What do you think they want?" said Ace in hopes to calm down Kiran. "I'm not sure but I think this Aries guy must know more than he leads on. Do you think we can delay going for just a bit I NEED to get my girls back and safe." says Kiran. "I think that can be arranged, right guys?" says Ace. "Yup…besides I think some of the girls would be extremely crushed if we don't get them out of there." said Charles. "Kiran you don't look to good…you okay?" said Tiara. Kiran started to look as if she would faint and sure enough she passed out. When she awoke she was in the meadow of memories.

Kiran gets up and looks around and hears, "What is going on over there?" says a 10 yr old Kiran as she stares off in the distance a wolf that has apparently gone rouge and was attacking humans. The 10 yr old Kiran changes into her wolf form and runs off in the direction of the rouge. She runs straight at him and moves just in time to avoid the rouge snapping at her. Kiran took a leap in front of one of the girls in attempt to save her from being bitten. When the rouge catches on to what Kiran is doing, he goes for one girl then quickly rebounds to the others. This went on for a few minutes until the rouge got lucky and bit 2 of the girls. When Kiran saw this she went to protect the third with all her might and she got the rouge by the hind leg and tugs…just as the rouge gets the last and final girl. When Kiran saw it she grabbed the rouge by the neck and ripped his throat out. After that all the girls were huddling into the corner looking in complete fear at Kiran. Kiran changed into her human form all bloody from the battle and went to the girls to see if they were okay. "Are you guys okay?" stated Kiran. "Yeah were fine but that stupid thing bit us and now were all in pain." says one of the girls. "What was that thing? And what are you?" said the middle girl. "That was a rouge werewolf and I guess you can call me that too." said Kiran. "Your not going to kill us are you?" says the last girl. "No Maya she isn't going to kill us or what else do you think she'd save us?" said the first one of the girls to the youngest looking girl who happens to be Maya. "I know Lesa, I know but I wanted to be sure." said Maya. "Well my name is Kiran I am a werewolf and the last of my bloodline. I regret to inform you that since that rouge bit you…you'll eventually become like me." said Kiran. "What? You have got to be kidding us…we don't want to be like you…were not even 12…how can that be possible." said the middle girl. "Oh Tiara it can't be that bad after all aren't you wanting to rip you step dad to pieces for what he does to you and your siblings?" said Maya. "Maya shut your mouth she doesn't need to know that." said Tiara. All the sudden the girls started screaming in pain and the started to shed their skin and turned into a Werewolf. Kiran kept them in line as well as she could because they dared not stand against her.

"Hey Kiran there is another rouge out there we need to get to it before it hurts any body." says Maya. All the group was in an agreement. Many of the turnings of Tana, Tiffany, Zoe, Sun, & Hanna were all very similar to each other. The girls tried to protect them and still they got turned. The girls were at a party…it was a very sad night at least 20 teens went missing and at first it was 2 girls that went missing (they just so happened to be Tana & Tiffany) They were in the forest when the guys they just so happened to be dating turned into werewolves and attacked them. In the end, Kiran saved them while one of the werewolves got away and took them to the rest of the group. As for Hanna, Zoe, & Sun…They managed to get attacked while they were out camping. It just so happened the rouge werewolf that got away that was the one to turn those 3 girls. In the end, Kiran killed the rouge.

Kiran was a brave leader and a fierce one at that. She had killed many rouge wolfs and wasn't about to end her streak. The one rouge she hadn't killed was the one and only and just so happened to see her pulling around Ace. Kiran knew her father was a rouge and she had not killed him. Kiran is so afraid that he might try to pull things out on her and destroy her life that she has made for herself. No one knew that the one rouge that she feared was her father for she doesn't know if he was a hybrid or not.

"Kiran wake up…Wake up!" Kiran woke from an abrupt shaking.. "Oh thank God your still okay. You had us worried when you fainted there." said Tiara. "I'm fine I just need to get the girls back. You know what I mean Tiara. We need them back…Its like a mothers will to protect her young. And see your one of the first to be with me and I can't even save these girls." said Kiran as she began to cry into her hands. "Kiran I know we need to get them. After all your our protector." said Tiara.

"You're right Tiara I helped you when you got bit and before that…I'm your alpha. I'm your mother and your protector!" said Kiran in a dark voice that the walls would come down. Kiran looked to Mimi and Tiara "Mimi get yourself up were going to hunt down a rouge that dares do this to my pack. I will kill them…" Kiran says in a angry tone. Ace noticed that this Kiran wasn't the one he was use to, she was far worse. "Kiran, sweet, calm down…don't run head first in to anything… think it through." Ace said to try and calm her down. Kiran looks at Ace with the death glare "DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Kiran replies back as her voice got darker and her eyes turned into a vibrant red. Kiran phased and the thought of her mother came to her mind.

"Now Daughter try not to go into the hybrid rage. Cause when you do it will be nearly impossible to stop you. There is only a select few that will stop you. The only ones that can is me your mother, your first born, and your soul mate." said Kiran's mother. "Why are they the only ones that can stop me?" said a 6 yr old Kiran. "Sweetheart they are the closest to you. Your soul mate is the one that knows you better than you do, and your first born is about as stubborn as you can be. And as for me you're the one that knows me better than I know myself sometimes." said Kiran's mother.

"Kiran you need to calm down." said Ricky. "Don't even begin to tell me what to do. I was here before you, I've had a harder life than you and besides why in all hell would I listen to you?" snapped Kiran. "Kiran you need to calm down were going to look for them." said Ace. "You're not going fast enough." said Kiran as she changes into her hybrid form. She wasn't the most pleasant looking werewolf. She looked as though she was ready for blood. Her eyes were the color of a deep blood red. She wasn't the sweet looking wolf she was…She was the total opposite the girl that wanted to kill. The girl that was pissed. 'Hell has no fury then an angry mother'. Kiran normally looks like a red honey color…that wasn't this case she was a 6 ft tall werewolf and she was a rusty red color with red eyes.

"Tiara, Mimi get your stuff ready were going hunting." said Kiran. "Kiran, you don't have to do this we can get a group and do it." says Ace. "To long…ready lets go." said Kiran and with that all 3 of girls jumped out the window and went in the scent of the smell that the girls gave off.

"Ace what are we going to do. We can't obviously let them go off by themselves." says Ricky. "Yeah Ace what are we to do…should we send for aid then go after them." said Charles. "Hey Ace…we heard one of the wolves say that there was a plan and that there would be a ransom too…but when we asked further he wouldn't specify and he ended up getting on Charles nerves. Well you know the rest!" says Ricky.