I lie here,

In my comfiest pj's

Cuddling every teddy I own.

3 or 4 blankets,

plus my duvet,

piled ontop of me.

Galaxy bars and galaxy wrappers,

Lie in stages of consumption,

Around me.

I cuddle my fluffy,

Hot water bottle

To my bloated,

Painful stomach

And chest.

I stare at the ceiling

Fighting back tears

And explosive anger

As my stepdad reminds me,

To turn the bathroom light off,

When I leave.

I curl my hands into fists

And fight the urge to punch the wall,

My teddies,

My stepdad,

Anything really.

Everything aches,

I just want to be left alone

Or hugged

So I can't feel it anymore

But everyone knows

If the come near me

They leave with bruises...

So I lie here

Wanting to kill something,

Or cry.

And think to myself

I hate PMS.