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CHAPTER 2- You have GOT to be kidding me…

Since I had missed my doctor appointment, and it was rescheduled to next week (and then the week after because my lovely *cough cough* parents will have some business *cough cough* to attend, they'll have no time to take me or remember that I have an appointment…*COUGH COUGH*), I decided that I would spend the night in my bath tub. Now, I know you're thinking, "Okay, she has no life. I mean. Who spends their night in the bath tub? Won't she get pruny?" Well, maybe for some people, but I'm not an idiot. I take a long bath, but then I drain the water and dry the tub. I light some candles and I either eat ice cream while watching a romantic movie or read a romantic book while listening to melodramatic music and eating Twix bars. Last time I did that, I had to convince my mom that I didn't need therapy.

I had randomly selected a movie, and look what we got: The Notebook! I have only seen part the movie once, but I'm constantly hearing how great it is and that I should watch it a lot, especially from the boy-crazy sixteen year-old sister, who practically resents me because I "can't act cool at all" even though I'm the sister who's "supposed to get her into all the hot parties." Yeah, right. So I took the little portable DVD player (just the cutest little thing) and popped in the DVD.

About twenty minutes later, my mother busts in through the door like in those cop movies when they catch the bad guy and their load of crack. I almost expected her to say, "Freeze sucka! Put your hands up!" but instead she said, "Busted" with a smug smile on her face. Thankfully, I had regular clothes on (the tub was dry), so when she hauled me out of the tub, I really wasn't feeling embarrassed at all, other than the fact that my mother was dragging me out of the bathroom while I was in the middle of watching The Notebook in my bathtub. That is something that I really don't want the public to have knowledge of, even my closest friends.

So my mother was rattling about me dressing horridly and that I should dress more like my sister. Right, the girl who wears tight clothes, booty shorts and skirts, and push up bras that make her boobs practically fall out of her shirt. I tried that once (although with a lot more modesty) and it ended up in having my period being known to the world. Yeah, I really didn't want to take a trip down memory lane.

Anyways, she picked out something that was relatively nice, but kind of fancy—this really pretty red dress that was kind of short, but not like hoochie-mama (I have nothing against them) short. The sleeves there sequined in silver and the skirt of the dress was pleated in thin lines. It also showed my boobs a little, but my mother said that "would show that I have a feminine side."

I was all whatever about it until she whipped out what would really kill me: these silver stilettos that had mega-thin and mega-high heels. I'll admit they are cute, but the only reason that I had them was because they were a gift from my aunt, who sadly happened to share the same vision as my mom about me being more feminine. My friends oh and ah heels like these and I join in too, but to me, those bad boys are like killer heels—literally.

I mean, I tried them once, and I managed okay, but I was really scared, so I walked slowly. A cop saw me as I was getting into the driver's seat (I have a license, my parents have money for a car, but no car. Nooo, I have to wait until my sister passes her tests—that will take forever—or I have to pay for it on my own) and he nearly arrested me for DUI. I told him that I hadn't even begun to drive and that the heels were just painful and I had to walk like that. He said that those heels are nothing compared to what he wears when he is doing foreplay with his wife. That is nothing that should ever come out of a cop like him.

"Wear them. We were invited somewhere special, so you need to dress up," she suggested. By "suggested" I really mean "do it or else" and the "or else" is…. Let's just say it's bad. So after I had kicked her out of my room, and she laughed, "Why? You really don't need to hide anything because anything you have, I have only bigger." When I told her to leave again, she said I sounded guilty. She actually checked my room for some indication that I was doing something bad. She was actually convinced that I had a pregnancy test box lying around somewhere. Mothers! They always accuse you of everything and always constantly remind you of your horrible mistakes when the truth is, you never did it and that it was their horrible mistake.

I slipped on what would be my death, and just to annoy my mother, I got my big dark gray hoodie. I got my laptop case with my laptop in it (I really hate being away from it), phone with phone charger, iPod and iPod charger and then some other "women necessities." After making sure that I looked okay by using a light amount of mascara, eye liner, and lip gloss, and then curling my hair, I dashed into the car waiting for the rest to finish getting ready. To my surprise, they came faster than I expected.

Our thirty minute journey passed by quickly. My mother and father were talking in low voices; my sister talking really loudly about really shallow things—boys, hair, nails, who hooked up with who, whose outfit was sooo last year, ect. Then there was me: sitting with my head on the cold window, pondering about my future. It was really an attempt to not think of the fact that my parents were so willing to hand me over to the vile atrocity like I was a sack of potatoes. Well, for their info, I am cuter and more intelligent than a sack of potatoes!

When we parked, I was pulled out of my, rather odd, reverie. I looked around and I saw that the majority of the parking lot was full of high class cars. When we all got out, I noticed the sign, Bloomers. Yeah, it sounds like a store for those bloomers that old ladies wear, but it was actually a very high class country club.

I sighed. I have not been here many times, but every time I have come here, it was because we were having dinner with one of my dad's wealthier co-workers. And every time, there was an awkward kid who I seemed to attract. It always pissed me off because if there happened to be an actual cute guy, my sister would always snatch him so quickly and be all over him, that the poor guy wouldn't be able to look a few inches to his left or right with his head, let alone his eyes. But, usually he wouldn't mind the attention from a girl like my sister: too much makeup, low-cut shirts and dresses, and then push-up bras that make her boobs almost fall out. Yeah—I can really see what is so appealing about that.

"Who are we meeting this time?" I tried to make my voice casual, but instead it came out really bitter and cold. My father looked at me and said "You'll find out."

As we headed inside, I was saved by my phone ringing. My mother shot a look at me, but I simply said I would be done as soon as possible. Hoping to al least have ten minutes on the phone, Lissa had only called to ask whether I knew when one of our assignments was due. I gave her the date, but still hoping to have more time, I tried to start a conversation. Only, she hung so quickly that I was talking to myself the entire time before I realized that she was gone.

"Thanks," I muttered to my phone, as if it would magically relay that message to Lissa. When I got inside, I was blasted with such heat that I practically ripped off my lucky hoodie. A man asked me if I had a reservation; I was about to answer when I realized that I didn't know who was the host of this family dinner. Thankfully, my name was called from behind me so I was saved. I put my music on (Lemonade by Gucci Mane) and walked over to where my sister was waving her hands frantically at me. Holding my laptop case strap with my hand instead of my shoulder since it kept on falling of my shoulder, I was trying to pull my hair out of the tight bun it was in. I tugged so hard that the elastic broke, sending my hair flying everywhere before gracefully coming down my back.

"Well, hello there, sexy," a deep voice said. Sure, it would've been seductive and sexy if I had not despised the person who owned the voice. My head snapped up and I was horrified by the atrocious sight that was manned in front of my eyes. There was Jay, who was eyeing me in the same way a wolf eyes a rabbit. I noticed him first because he was the one to talk to me. Then across from him was Ross, who was looking at me with the weirdest expression that I couldn't figure out. Next to Ross was Natasha who was looking at me with—my God, was that jealousy?! Oh, I knew at that moment that The Apocalypse was coming now. Why on the Lord's created earth would Natasha Lotter be jealous of me, Nikki Sanders. Ignoring her, I quickly scanned the table and saw that the only seat available was next Jay, which was right across from Ross.

Oh, joy.

A few moments after I sat down, a waiter came to out table. "Hello my name is Milo—" My head snapped up as I looked at the waiter with shock in my eyes. I barely registered that his eyes mirrored the same expression as my own. He was pretty much the same as I remembered—stormy gray eyes, light brown hair, Colgate commercial smile and I could tell he still had his slightly tanned skin with his lightly toned muscles.

"Aw, HELL NAH!" we practically yelled at the same time. It was at that moment that a few more waiters came and the same response happened. There was Romeo—extremely buff, brown eyed, brown headed, brown skin; Amos—lean, blue eyes, auburn haired; Scott—ginger hair, creamy skin, green eyes; and Leo—the absolute stereotype for all preppy jock guys.

"What are you doing here?" we all snapped. "Me? What about you? Stop that!" it was really annoying that we were speaking simultaneously.

It was when they all got these really cheesy smiles and then did their jobs as waiters. I was really listening to what every one else was ordering since my eyes were locked onto the waiters. When they left and were in the kitchen, that was when I noticed that I never ordered, but then, they had given me knowing smiles. What was up with that?

"Who are they?" my sister questioned, breaking me out of my reverie.

No one else—meaning us young people, our parents (mine, Ross's, Natasha's, and Jay's) were busy in a world of their own—answered, but instead looked at me. "How do you know them?" she asked.

"They were Dan's buddies, and they loved to annoy me on end. I figured since they graduated last year that they would stop, but as we all saw, that clearly didn't happen."

"Wasn't Dan your boyfriend?" I looked at Natasha, shocked to hear her speak to me.

"What is this whole 'was'? He still is—we just haven't been able to talk." I quickly sent him a text just saying hi… again. I've been texting him ever since he left and we have only been able to talk about five times.

Natasha smirked. "I think that he has seen the light and has moved on."

"Well no one asked for your opinion, so up and shut." A very awkward silence followed until Milo and the rest came with our food. I eyed Ross's alfredo pasta until one came down in front of me. "Huh?" I looked up at Milo, who was beaming.

"Ready?" "The rest" started humming and scatting as Milo explained my meal. Apparently, mine had finer ingredients and was cooked better. It certainly did look better than everyone else's.

I was kinda going with the flow until he said, "We knew that you loved alfredo, so we simply wanted to give you the best we could offer. A lot more expensive, though. About, seventy-five dollars." I spit out the piece I had put in my mouth. I was pleased to see it landed in Natasha's dress (who was also dressed like a hoochie), and see her spaz out. What I was not happy about was my overly expensive food. "And because your meal was made especially for you, it is to be paid especially by you."

I nudged Leo, who was the closest to me. "Can't you give a girl a friendly discount?"

He leaned in close to my ear and said at the same time as the rest, "Depends on how friendly you want it." I shivered.

"Taken, "I replied automatically. After threatening them (and they knew I was tough) I managed to get a free meal and Rocky Road ice cream. My day was turning out fine after all. Was it going to stay that way? Nope.

"Excuse me." All turned to see Mr. Wess tapping his glass with a fork. I didn't like the fact he seemed to be looking right at Ross and me. "After long discussion, we have decided it would be best for Nikki if she moved on today. So for this year, we would like to welcome you to the Wess home." He was smiling and seemed genuinely happy. However, there were a few who did not seem to like this idea.

"YOU'RE STAYING AT ROSS'S HOUSE?!" exploded my sister. Shit.


"The hell? When did this happen?" came the more rational Jay. "And just to let you know, I will be staying at your house more often." He wiggled his eyebrows at me. Just when I seem to like him, he has to ruin it.

Ignoring him, I looked at my sister. "Punishment." Glaring at Natasha, I said, "Well look who's talking. This coming from the person who is screwing him and his best friend. When are you due?" The thing is, I really didn't expect her to be all prego. That was just for show. But in fact, she really was. She had just found out today and was going to tell Ross at his house after a "romantic evening." UGH. However, she wasn't going to tell him that it might be someone else's baby. Bummer.

After another awkward silence, we finally got to leave, only I had to ride is the Wess car. Somehow, most of my belongings had already been set up at the Wess house. So when we got there, everything was all set.

And thus began my first night of hell.