Hello Everyone!

I know it's been a long time but Love and Deception is moving to a new home! If you're just joining me now, welcome! The first five chapters are available here on FictionPress with the full completed novel now available on Dreame. You can find it on their website .com or on their app. Just search Dreame!

Thank you all for your continued interest in my writing. I am happy to continue doing so!

I can also say that I have several more stories in this universe planned. Follow me on Dreame to get them as soon as I write them!

Thank you,


EDIT: Sorry guys there was some confusion and the holiday...bleh. So Love and Submission will be published first on Dreame releasing at one chapter a day starting today! (12/26/2018). Love and Deception will follow after also on the one chapter a day schedule. I am adding the link to Love and Submission in my profile. I believe you can follow me as an author on Dreame, under my real name Ashley Bucci, or just follow the story. I'm not sure if it will automatically update you for the sequel but if not I'll come back and post a link in the profile as well.

And lastly...thank you guys so so much for wanting to read these still after all this time. I appreciate the support and interest. Its great motivation to keep the world going!