STORY SYNOPSIS: A young man wakes up he appears to be about 16 yrs old but he's holding in his hands a manuscript of ancient age . They seem familiar but yet strange to him , on one side of this book it seems to have a picture in releif of three stars ,familiar but yet somehow strange and perplexing.


I seemed to be drifting in a very dark place ,weightless ,floating and not able to feel anything . Even my body didn't feel or move. I tried to move my arm but yet it seemed extremely heavy and to the point were it seemed to heavy to move it. I panic ,I tried to open my eyes next but it appeared i couldn't even do that. My mind was racing what's happening why can't i move or even open my eyes, Where am i , these and other panic stricken thoughts shoved there way thru my brain.

Suddenly i thought i heard some dim voices from far away someplace but at first i couldn't make out what they were saying. Slowly i felt sensations in my body , i felt extremely cold . How come i was cold and were would i be that i felt this cold anyway. The voices i heard seemed to be getting louder but it seemed as though they were talking gibberish.

At this time my lungs seemed to want something , i did i needed to breathe. i sat bolt up right on a bed made of metal and people who looked like me but dressed strangly in white apparel . They had white handerchiefs covering the areas were their mouths should be. I was sitting there gasping for breathe as i was looking around noticing a;; this. These people at first appeared frightened but then they started acting as though they were trying to calm me down with reassuring gestures. They continuied in their gibberish language towards me and then amoung themselves , as though they also needed reasuring . I looked down at myself on th emetal bed and saw that i was in some sort of odd tunic , with the opening in the yet this tunic appeared to be cut in the front also . i was holding a "skepha" . I looked back at the people in this room with me and suddenly what they were saying started making sense and i was able to understand what they were saying since i awoke so dramatically.

A female spoke next ,"We thoughtyou were dead, their didn't appear to be any vital signs, what happened to you?"
And why are you holding on to that ancient looking book for ? We had to cut you clothes off and cut even the hospital gown to get it on because you had a death grip on that ," while pointing to the "skepha". I spoke to her and the rest of them in the room , "What happened to me and wher eam i?" , i quired.

One of the males spoke up one now i believed to be called a doctor , " You were found in a cave that had appenrantly collapsed and you were trapped inside clutching that odd looking book there ." again pointing at my "skepha". " As nurse Greta just told you we thought that you were dead and were about to preform an autopsy on you. I quess now though we should get you settled and get some food in you and then we can a medical exame on you to see how your doing physically.

an/ this is going to be abit of a strange one alittle sci-fish and the prelog to my story i'll be waiting with baited breathe (and exactly what is baited breathe some one put a worm or something in my mouth while i wasn't looking lol lol)