Lain Defender of Fictionpress Thanks for the review ,just so that i don't have to say this 3 times i'll say it here sorry about how long its been since my internet been down for a while so thereby no updates on any of my stories. So i appreciate the 3 reviews so far.

vixenia Thank you for your incouraging words and suggestions. but the whole idea of whats going on in the story so faris he's suffering from amnesia and he's just recovering from something that happenede that apparently was tramatic, enough that the doctors and nurses thought him to be dead. So he's still not with it yet ,and development of his personality and looks will come shortly in following chappy's. Also sometimes the suspenceful build up to discovery, works also to my characters situation ..

Arv thank you you were my 1st reviewer and incourager in my story here. the lack of cap (i) wasn't intentional just oversite on my part and (lol just to lazy to go back and fix).

an/ my updates may not be to reqular but with enough encouragement it might help me to get them out more frequently. this is 1 of 18 stories i have and the only one with this many reviews so i am pretty excited about it.

I turned to the first page that was written in english , the english was written in what appeared to be early american english . So i began reading .
My scout flyer had just crashed into this vast continent of this planet , my time of renewal would be coming soon . With my scout flyer being made useless and my far flyer was orbiting this primative planet overhead ,i had no way of contacting my ship for emergency rescue being that i was alone on this mission ,there was no one else aboard that could launch a rescue but myself. Things couldn't be any worse or could they .

in the crash of my scout flyer i was evidently knocked unconscience and upon gaining conscienceness i started taking inventory of myself and my craft and my present situation.
Physically i seemed unhurt but yet i knew the renewal would be coming soon and without the proper preparments which were on my far flyer overhead of this planet i was at a loss as to how to prepare for that renewal. I was pretty sure this primative planet would have nothing as elaberate as to what it would take for my renewal. I then began looking around my scout flyer to see what the total damages were and if there might be any hope in making some kind of contact or getting it to limp back to the far flyer. After the first 15 minutes i realized that the scout flyer was not going anywhere or be able to do nothing to help my situation. At this time i decided to check outside the scout flyer and see what lay outside in this strange primative planet. I considered it primative because most inhabitable planets had auto contact and quidance for auto landing which this planet evidently didn't have thereby the crash of my scout flyer.
It appeared as soon as i got outside that the only things that seemed to be working were the basic power system and the cloaking device. The basic power system could last a long time possibbly several thousand years under normal operation . but under nominal operation such as powering less than 10% of the craft it could last 20 or 30 thousand years.
The cloaking device made the craft invisible to sight or any other forms of detection devices once triggered on. And would allow me a safe haven in case of dire danger.
But never the less i decided to make additional outward disquising the craft or the evident crash scence. It wouldn't do for someone to stumble on to a huge gouge in the ground to end abruptly with no apparent cause for said gouge. After many hours of work i finally finished beliving that i had done a good job at restoring the area around my craft from any kind of detection. My skepha and my craft ring would give me some comfort. the craft ring would allow me to find and enter my craft at will and my skepha so to logue my entries for the renewal .