This is a dream, so excuse the unlogic-ness.

Dear Mother

Slumber. The most pleasant moment after a hard day that can have such an annoying effect on you when awoken.

"Wake up!" That voice was my mother's. I remained in the way I was "Wake up! We're going to Las Vegas" She repeated.

"5 more minutes." It took me a while just to mumble that but I still felt so warm on my bed and under my covers.

"NO! The bus is here and everything is packed!" I sat up immediately

"WHAT?! But you didn't tell me anything about going to Las Vegas yesterday!" I stayed looking at my mother, surprised. A bit at how I suddenly reacted like that when still half asleep. Funny.

"It doesn't matter, now get up and get ready!"

"But I don't wanna go to Las Vegas! There's no place for me to have fun!"

"I don't care! I'm going by myself then, you don't have to go anymore."

"Good." I lied back down and closed my eyes.

"Oh no you don't! You're not staying here alone! You're coming with me!"

"But you just said that I could stay."

"LIAR! I never said that! Now get up!" But I didn't, I just kept on insisting that I didn't want to go but she insisted back that I have to go as if it was some sort of life or death situation. I was no longer sleepy anymore anyway now so I then got up and changed.

I was just dressing for a moment and just put on another shirt but when I turned around, my mother and I were inside of the bus and it was empty, except for the driver of course. I sat down with my mother and the driver asked "Where do you want to go?"

"To Las Vegas." My mother answered and he didn't say anything else and started the bus and the moment that he started driving, he did zig zags then we bumped into a tree and then he started chasing a white car and tried hitting it. All that while I was hanging on to whatever was closer to me besides my mother who sat so calmly on her seat while I hung on to dear life.

He kept on mad bumping on everything he saw for a few minutes. Some more time later, we were on a bridge well not above water just above another road, the white car that was being chased suddenly hit the side of the bridge and fell off but nothing happened to it. It just fell and drove away but then the bus driver decided to do the same things so he hit the side too and I grabbed the front seat and shut my eyes, hoping that I'd survive in one piece and not as a vegetable in one piece either.
The bus had now fallen. I felt nothing and opened my eyes and well...the driver was still chasing that white car "Mom! Why'd you take me here?! I knew that I shouldn't have come!"

"I told you to stay at home! You're old enough to be taking care of yourself but nooo! You had to insist on coming so I let you!" Those words hit me hard. I wasn't sad, I just felt so angry that I would go mad that not even the largest mental asylum would be able to contain me. Or well...that was just a exaggeration but remained the way I was to prevent my mother from complaining about my anger.

4 hours later, we arrived. We got off the bus and I noticed that my classmates were here "Your friends are here too, you can talk to them later." My mom whispered, I was not happy that they were here, because most of them were my enemies but at least some of them were my friends...sort of. It was just sad to be one of the few people with no friends and couldn't get along with anyone. The biggest problem about them seeing me here was then they could say that I went to Las Vegas and was lonely so they can all laugh at me. That thought just pissed me off so I just grabbed the lugage and followed my mom.

We got to the hotel and left everything in our room, I just lied down on a bed and my mom left to go play in the casinos. I just stayed on the bed for 1 hour, nothing to do, no sleep. So I just went outside.

Just outside the hotel, there were 5 American boys outside arguing with my classmates, the Americans were outnumbered but they didn't seem to care much as if they could take on everyone from the 7th grade generation from my school. I just stood there watching them as if it was TV. The only thing missing was popcorn. Then one of my classmates threw a rock followed by more people throwing rocks at their enemy for being Americans and Americans throwing rocks for being Mexicans and other Asian races. I just knew that this wasn't safe so maybe I should go.

Just at that thought, one of the rocks hit my left eye but nothing happened. I just felt something there and remained however I was. But my classmates gave me a concern look, asking if I was ok. I didn't bleed right away and my eye was actually fine but there was a slight throbbing pain.

Then a drop of blood fell then they asked me if I was ok again and I gave them the same answer and then another drop of blood fell. This time they didn't bother asking and they all just stared.
Two more drops of blood fell then more and more and more till it formed into a waterfall of blood coming out of my left eye and the ground was covered in blood and I felt dizzy and fell but the bleeding did not cease and I couldn't scream, I couldn't say anything. I then just lied there but I was conscious "It's your fault! Look at her, she's dying because of you!" My classmates yelled.

"Us?! You were the one who were throwing rocks!" then they started another argument and my classmates forgot about me and left saying "Oh forget it, this is a waste of breath!". Just the American boys were left, staring at me. I simply continued bleeding my life out, blood was literally cascading down from my eye. I felt like I was going to die, I wanted to cry tears, not blood.

"Look at the pitiful thing, we should end her misery." They kicked and punched me, after 5 minutes they left and the ambulance was here and the suffering ended.

The next day, I was cured and good enough to leave the moment I had opened my eyes and in my room, some people, my classmates' parents got everything on tape and showed it to my mother. My mother saw me dying and caught every detail of that tape. Her reaction? Fury. Fury towards me and those who recorded me being beat up "This is all a lie!" She left the room and I just followed her but I didn't understand this. Why is she saying this?

Next thing I knew was when I had closed the door was that we were back at home and I asked my mom why didn't she believe me.

"You're a liar! It was all a lie!" So much for a reply...this was pissing me off, bad.

"How can it be a lie! It was on tape and you can see that I was bleeding to death!" I retorted.

"They were all actors and even you tried tricking me! I can't believe that my own daughted would lie to me like that!"

"Then why was I in the hospital huh?!" I could punch my own mother but I just felt so sad that she wouldn't believe me after all of that. I wanted to cry and that was another thing pissing me off. I was being a crybaby. Since the moment I woke up and went to Las Vegas till now, I was just pissed and wanting to cry. My mother was the source and making it worse each time I talked to her.

"I don't want to hear you, you liar!" She shouted at me at the same of when I replied. My eyes were full of tears then.

"WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING ME A LIAR!? Was being in the hospital not enough proof for you?!"

"I don't want to hear your lies! You're always trying to kill me! You're always lying to me!"

"Why was I in the hospital then?! WHY?! Answer me!"

"You're useless!"

"THEN WHY WAS I IN THE HOSPITAL!?" I shouted as loud as I could even thought we were in public. I felt so hurt, I was sobbing while screaming this. She just gave me the same reply. Not even hearing out my whole sentence.

"You're useless!" She once again repeated "USELESS!" She too, began wiping her tears but I didn't care! She had to answer!

"WHY MOTHER?! WHY?!" she cried harder but not louder by calling me useless and asking those questions.

"Why do you have to be such a bad daughter? Why is it that you don't appreciate me for what I do?" It never ended. I asked and asked, sobbing the question and I could just bang my head against a wall till I broke my skull. I wanted to die, knowing that I wanted this was worse. No need to say more. But I had never felt so much fury in my life.

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