I feel like a child again. The grass feels slick under my bare feet, the mud soft. We toss the football to one another, occasionally tackling the person that has it just for fun, only to land in a tangle of arms, legs, and muddy old t-shirts. I know I should feel cold, but I'm laughing too hard as they pick me up and drop me in a filthy brown puddle.

All of my problems and worries leave my mind as we pick up a handful of the pleasantly squishy ground and start throwing them. We catch each other by the arm, smearing globs of mud into each other's hair and faces, trying to run away before our victim can retaliate.

Finally, still giggling and teasing each other about our various states of filth, we walk back to the dorm, back to reality. None of us plan to soon forget the Great Mud Adventure, when, for just one hour, we were four years old once again.